Boa Vista.

This summer Daddy was given a different job, one with less travel time, thus making Marco Zero. my last post about Daddy’s business trips. Or so I thought. Turns out people are still inviting him to preach at youth conventions around the world. Last week he came back from Roraima, Brazil. Boa Vista to be more exact. Roraima is one of the Northernmost states of Brazil, and Boa Vista was the farthest North in Brazil that Daddy has ever been to. It was a short trip, but as always, rewarding. The meetings over the weekend included the reinauguration of the church in Boa Vista, they had rebuilt it. At the end of the meetings an appeal was made and many many young people came to the front and many of them decided to be baptized.

 Opening of his sermon, as most times, with a story for the children.
The group in the above picture came from Manaus, the capital city of the Amazon state. When they heard about the youth convention that was to be held in Roraima, they were eager to go. However in order to attend they needed money. Their parents told them that if they could raise enough money to pay their attendance fee, and their bus tickets, they would be allowed to go. But where and how to raise the money? One of the mothers began making truffles for them to sell. And sell they did. Each day they would take the truffles to the town square and would sell all they had taken. Those that hadn’t finish at the end of the day, were helped by those that had already finished. They raised enough money to pay for their tickets, the entry fees, they attended the meetings and sang praises to God. Proving once again, that if you want something bad enough, and you work hard enough, God will bless your efforts every time.
Aren’t these two just adorable? A brother and sister singing a song to their Heavenly Father.
Well, that was Roraima. A baptism is planned for the near future, and Daddy left encouraged and blessed. Of course when he came back telling us the good news, we were blessed too. Smile, our church family is growing daily, everyone!

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  1. Chandra MoMoMod November 22, 2011 / 1:22 am

    Hi, Larissa! Thank you for your comment on my blog post. Yes, I would love for you to use my blog pictures on your Facebook page. Thank you for asking! I will be browsing your blog now! 🙂



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