2011 feet tall.

Today’s will be a little…odd. Ever since forever, if I have a camera in my hands, and I’m a tad bit disinterested in whatever is going on, or I am passing the time, I will invariably, inevitably, sooner or later, take a picture of my feet. It’s a habit that I’m not sure when, where, or how originated. It’s just another part of my weirdness. So this morning while going through my albums of 2011, I started noticing a pattern. Every two or three occasions/events/place there would be a picture of my feet, and each photo had a story. So here’s 2011. In feet.

This photo I took at the end of 2010. We were at grandma’s house, and Victor and the neighborhood kids were engaged in a soccer game. I was running up and down the dusty asphalt street, barefoot, and with my camera, trying to photograph them. It was a lazy day, and all I had to do was photograph that lazy day. My feet got dirty. I took a picture.

Sometimes I’ll vary a little, and take a photo of just my footwear. I love my Havaianas flip flops, and wore them constantly this summer. I photographed them at the park one warm summer day. Crystal and I were at the park, reading. It just seemed appropriate to shoot them. 

We were coming back from leaving Daddy the Vancouver airport. He was traveling to some distant land again. I was amusing myself with the cell phone’s camera. 
First day on the Porumbaco resort in Romania.

We were back to Negoiu. It was lunch time and while the others finished their lunch, Irina and I climbed up the rocks. I found a nice spot, sat down, and the water from the mountain waterfall was so nice, I had to photograph it (with my feet of course).
On our way up to Bulea Lac. We were in a jittery crowded minivan, on a dusty, meandering road for hours. My Havaianas were present. 
I spent a good part of my summer here. On the Porumbaco resort campus. There was a funny little stream there. It wouldn’t stop gurgling, every day and night. Reminded me of someone I know. Who never ceases to talk, or blog. Anyways, I went there most every day to read. I finished reading Austen’s Northanger Abbey there.
We were back from Romania, it was one of the last summer days here in Abbotsford. We had sunset at a park we had just found. The sun was setting on the lake, I photographed my feet instead.

Sometimes I also photograph other people’s feet. They usually don’t know about it until I’ve blogged it. This is Victor’s foot.
It was a fall morning. There was dew on the ground. It had the audacity to wet my moccasins!

We stopped at a park on our way home from Washington. We had sunset. The weather was making me feel blue-ish. So I wore pink shoes. 

Beware, I might foot-ograph your toes next!

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