Just Plain Wrong!

This week for school, I had to write an argumentative essay. I thought I’d publish the finished outcome. What’s your opinion? I know you have one. So here goes…
In 1556, the Shaanxi earthquake hit China causing approximately 830,000 deaths, and placing the Shaanxi earthquake high above its rivals for the deadliest earthquake on earth. Today it is considered a tragedy, and labelled a natural disaster and rightly so. Yet, in this year that is now coming to a close, the year of 2011, more people than Canada’s whole population, were murdered. Forty-two million were killed this year. Oh it was definitely a big job; thousands upon thousands of dollars were invested, and required for its completion. But their murder was legal. No, the CIA isn’t investigating this, nor are the murderers being searched for. Why? Because those murdered, were the silent unborn. This “job”, was abortion. Every day 115,000 unborn babies are aborted. That number,  is no small number! It’s astonishing to think that the equivalent of 14% of America’s population is being quietly, and legally, “done away with” per year. And still, many have the audacity to argue that abortion is correct. It isn’t correct, abortion is just plain wrong.
 Abortionists have several arguments they use, one of them is, “but a fetus isn’t a baby, it isn’t alive, it doesn’t feel.” On the contrary, life begins, at conception, from that time on a being is forming, a person, an individual. DNA is formed to dictate who this child will be. Their life journey has begun. This fetus, is a baby, is alive, is a human. As to whether the baby can feel or not, professional doctors have admitted, that a fetus, can feel great pain. Which brings us to the anaesthesia myth. Some proclaim that the anaesthesia given to the mother, will numb the baby so it will not feel pain during its murder. This theory is false; it is a myth. According to the president of the American Society of Anaesthesiologists, the anaesthesia given to the mother, has little or no effect on the child. The truth is, a child will often thrash, and try with its own little might, to avoid his death. How, how can one say these babies are not alive?
 Although most abortions are performed during the first three months of pregnancy, 10,000-15,000 per year are performed during the final three months of development, when the baby is capable of surviving outside the womb! A medical team would work around the clock to save this same child if he were born prematurely and were wanted. The cold hard fact? These babies are killed because they are inconvenient.
 Consequently 52% of abortions are obtained by women under the age of twenty-five, and 32% are obtained by women twenty to twenty-four years old. Why are these women aborting? Research states that 1% is result of rape or incest! A total of 6% because of potential health problems regarding either mother, or child. And a whooping 93% of all abortions occur for social reasons (i.e. the child is unwanted or inconvenient). Thus millions are being killed in the name of women’s rights.
 However, if a woman really understood the effects of abortion, she’d think twice before making her appointment. Clinical research gives us ever increasing amounts of scientific evidence that many times, women who have obtained abortions are left with psychological scars. “Women who report negative after-effects from abortion know exactly what their problem is,” observed psychologist Wanda Franz, Ph.D. “When they are reminded of the abortion,” Franz testified, “the women re-experienced it with terrible psychological pain … They feel worthless and victimized because they failed at the most natural of human activities — the role of being a mother.” With every abortion method, even in a clinic, there is a risk, not just psychological, but physical as well. Some of these risks include, a high chance of infection, cervical perforation, uncontrolled blood clotting, and potential complications for future pregnancy, (i.e. infertility). Women should do themselves a favor and not have an abortion. But there’s another point to be considered. What if the child is a woman?
 If women have been given the right to kill, shouldn’t they also be given the right to live? Gianna Jessen, Abortion Survivor, states, “There was not a radical feminist, standing up and yelling about how my rights had been violated that day.  In fact my life was being snuffed out in the name of women’s rights.” Every child, boy or girl, ill or healthy, has a right to live, to be loved, to exist. Why aren’t their rights being fought for? A woman has many rights, to murder and take away the life of another, however, was not one given to her by God. Gianna Jessen again states, “…what arrogance, what absolute arrogance, and it has been an argument for so long in this human place that we live, that the stronger should dominate the weaker, should determine who lives and dies. The arrogance of that! Don’t you realise that you cannot make your own heart beat. Don’t you realise that all the power that you think that you possess you really possess none of it.  It is the mercy of God that sustains you, even when you hate Him.” God created life, He gives it, and He did not give you the power to take it away. Job 1:21 states, “The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.”
 Women are not the only ones to be spoken to about this subject. An appeal needs to be made to men out there as well. Statistics show us that of the 93% of unwanted babies being aborted, many are aborted because the woman’s partner wanted her to have an abortion. An anonymous testimonial from [gargaro.com/regrets.html] begs, “Women and men, (men are not excluded) Love your baby, and protect it. Men, be a man and stand up for your baby! Talk her out of abortion and do what you have to do to change her mind. Stand by her and love her the best way that you can so that when that baby arrives you can give it what it needs to live. It is your responsibility to make sure she is happy about that little person that you helped to create. It is not fair for you to say ‘It is your body, do what ever you want.’ You are saying the worst thing that you could ever say! Talk it out and do your best to change her mind. The baby is a part of you too! It is yours! In some cases all we ‘soon-to-be-murderers’ need is your support to change our minds. Women do what you have to do not to get pregnant if you do not want to have a baby! Love your baby and don’t murder it. Please! Believe in God and believe in yourselves and you will be the best parents ever. Please learn something from my stupid mistake.” In other words, all men out there, don’t take the coward, easy way out. Man up!
 And yet another group needs to be addressed, those who have never had an abortion. Whether man or woman, this groups needs to understand, that many times abortion can be prevented, or avoided by supporting a woman in the right decision, by educating themselves and others about the ways babies are aborted, and the effects abortion has, on the woman, on the unborn baby, and in society.
 The facts are before you. Make a conscientious decision, because now you won’t be able to say you didn’t know. Can never say no one ever told you. The turn is yours. The choice you make, will change your life forever. You can’t make the choice for anyone else, but you can be the stop sign they need. You can help prevent murder. You can do your part. The choice to do that, is yours! You can’t change the past, but you can change the future.


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