Letter To My Sixteen Year-Old Self. Wait What?

Yesterday I took time off actually writing a blog post, to instead go around the blogging community and read. In other words, invest in inspiration. When I take time to read what others have to say, a strange thing happens. Perhaps not so strange, more magical than strange. I begin to be inspired to write. Ideas pop into my head for future posts and as my Elementary English teacher used to say, my “creative juices start flowing.” 
While reading a few posts, I came across Caitlin’s Letter to Her 16 Year-Old Self. I thought it was funny, and I immediately thought, Hey! I’d like to do that too. Then reality face slapped me and I realized I was sixteen. Last month. How lame would it be to write my ‘last year self’ a letter? You’re right. Utterly lame. So my shoulders drooped and I pouted. For a full five seconds until I decided I’d write a letter to myself anyways. Because. I can :

 Dear Sixteen Year-Old Me,

First things first, do notice that I used “me” and not “moi.” The whole implementing French words into everyday speech thing, it got old. Fast. Secondly, when people say, “you’ll regret things you didn’t do more than the things you did do” they were right, but they forgot something. They forgot to tell you to discern what it is you want to do, with a clear head, it takes five minutes and can save you lots of regretting. In other words, you will regret things you did do, only because it kept you from doing certain things you should have done, you wanted to have done, but you didn’t do in order to do something else. (All this “do”ing reminds me of a few quotes totally unrelated to this letter: “To be is to do”-Socrates; 
                                                                          “To do is to be”-Sartre; 
                                                                          “Do be do be do”-Sinatra;
apparently you will forever be random like that, though with time you will come to prefer the term spontaneous.) Prioritize. Don’t forget to take things slowly, and by things I mean everything. Take time to learn, time to absorb things, time to simply be. Take time to see things, hear things, feel things. You will meet very awesome people this year. But they won’t stay with you, so enjoy them while they’re with you. Take time to give attention to those people who need you, its nice to feel needed, even though it’s tiring, and frustrating at times. Patience. Take time for those old friends of yours too. New friends are good, but old friends can sometimes be better. Being confident doesn’t mean cocky. There’s a difference. It’s good to be confident, a good dose of it won’t hurt you. Learn to be thankful this year, learn to show your thankfulness too. Breathe. Breathe. And breathe some more. Now sit down and let me tell you. All those plans you’ve been making? Stop planning, nothing will work out the way you’ve planned it to. Sit back, enjoy the ride. Which of course means chew and enjoy thoroughly what’s put before you each day, let tomorrow come and take care of itself. Harder done than said, I know, but try. Furthermore, guess what! I know your immediate future, and this is it: you survive. You live out your 16th year of life, you travel, you laugh, you cry (yes, yes you cried that year), and you survived. It’s all going to be just fine, really, you don’t have to obsess about the future every second of the day. Honest, it’ll all turn out wonderful.
          17 Year Old
P.S. You’re learning to bite your tongue and let some things go, good for you. Just work on it a little harder, mkay? It’ll do you good.

Then I though it might be nice, just a little, to write myself a letter, for next year. I’ve heard of people writing to their former selves, but, do people ever write to their future selves? I’ve decided I will. Why?
Because I can do that too.

  Dear Eighteen-Year Old Me,

 First off, HA! You are old! Eighteen! (No, I really couldn’t help it.) Remember when you were ten, and you couldn’t wait ’til you were eighteen? Because seriously, eighteen year-olds are magically, and automatically cool, one of the reasons for this being that they could drive? On their own? Is it all you thought it would be? Does the 18 birthday candle really come with a magic “coolness” award? Remember why you wanted to drive in the first place? So you could drive off somewhere, anywhere, with a full gas tank, and a GPS that you wouldn’t use until it was time to go back home? You promised yourself you’d drive, drive somewhere, yet nowhere. Just for the fun of it. Follow your whims and fancies just for a day? Take the highway and turn off at any which exist? Have you done that yet? Maybe you should. Have you kept up with your activities lately? You know, devotions, fitness, studies, blogging? Yeah? Good for you, I’m so proud of who I’ll be! Now add something more to your list. Already have? Good girl! Add another one, you have that bucket list you made two years ago stashed around somewhere. No? You haven’t kept up? Shame on you! Get back on track! Now remember something, take care of yourself, alright? This year remember, “how will others love you, if you don’t love yourself?” Breathe, Breathe, and now Breathe some more. Everything turned out beautifully last year right? Everything will turn out fabulous this year as well. Make this year count, don’t be afraid to take chances, dares, or be spontaneous. Just, please learn to think first alright? Have you learned to fully bite your tongue and not speak at certain times. Boy I hope so. Don’t stress so much ’bout things, OK? Just keep calm and eat chocolate healthy snacks. Stay true to yourself. Stay you. And in Jasmine Star’s words, “Stay Fabulous!”

Seventeen Year-Old
P.S. You look amazing today.

4 thoughts on “Letter To My Sixteen Year-Old Self. Wait What?

  1. Social Lilac December 7, 2011 / 4:30 am

    Thanks so much Tania!
    I know, oftentimes I too repeat mistakes. *slaps forehead*
    I know exactly what you mean! Two years ago I made a twitter account, this month I revisted it, for I had totally abandoned it after two months, and when I did, *who the stars is that?!* and *I sooo didn't write that* popped up into my head. Oh wells, we will learn. Maybe.


  2. mauishopgirl December 7, 2011 / 2:08 am

    Love this! Wonderful piece. I think daily about what I wish I could teach my younger self. The trouble is I do still make some of the mistakes now as I did then…some things never change, even when we know better.

    I do still have my diary from high school. It's very very strange to read something I wrote and feel like it's a complete stranger wrote it. Makes me wish I had kept the diary writing up my entire life, that'd be something.


  3. Social Lilac December 6, 2011 / 7:40 pm

    *gasps* You made my week Bianca! Thanks so much for passing by. I will work hard, for like I said, one day I'll be like you. One day I'll have amazing posts written everyday that get the point across in few words. One day. 'Til then, I'll be working hard, then I'll work harder.
    Blessings ~*


  4. Bianca December 6, 2011 / 7:25 pm

    Dear Eighteen Year Old You: Keep working hard. Everyone can dream, but not everyone wants to work for it 🙂


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