Holiday Shopping. Yikes.

I think it’s hilarious. Really I do. I scurry down the mall aisles shaking my head and giggling to myself.
The difference between female enjoyment of shopping, and male enjoyment of shopping, is ignormous. Everybody knows that.
Sure, some of us ladies don’t enjoy shopping so much, and some men actually like it. But in most cases, that’s just the way it goes. Men hate torturous hours inside mall building, women thrive on it. It’s therapy women say.
When I’m in the mood, I enjoy shopping. But only when I’m “feelin’ it.” If I’ve got tons to do at home, forget it, I don’t want to leave the house. However, on occasion, mother and I leave the boys at home, and we head out for some fun.
This month, I made the trip to the mall twice. The day before Christmas, and then the after. Worst possible days to shop? Definitely. The whole place was packed with people. Girls, couples, and men.
The day before Christmas I counted at least five panicked teenage boys followed by their somewhat amused fathers. Why were these boys panicked? Because they had “No idea what I’m going to get her!” They had officially waited until the last minute to purchase their Christmas gifts, and now they were running around the mall, with bewildered eyes, lost in a world of possibilities to get the perfect gift, or to make a mess out of things. I heard two of these boys being asked if they were sure they had enough money left, they simply nodded their heads. I doubt they heard the question. They seemed so lost in a state of unutterable perplexity. A guy walked into Clair’s, turned to his buddy and said, “I feel so weird in here.” I shook my head and chuckled.
Today I went back to the mall. It was boxing day here in Canada. The place was packed with people. Girls, couples, and men. As I scurried back and forth down the crowded halls, I heard male voices asking, “Are you ready to go yet?”, and assuring “I’m sure she’ll love it, now let’s go.” And of course, the exasperated “Keep going, keep going, keep moving, go, go.”
A teacher of mine once said he loved going to the mall with his wife. He’d simply sit on a mall bench, and watch the people passing by. He said you could see a lot of interesting people if you sat there long enough. Another teacher said he’d always have to prepare himself for shopping. He had to focus, and put it into his head that he was simply going to spend time holding his wife’s purse.
Ah, the purse. If you observe shopping couples, whatever age they may be, teens, middle aged, elderly, the man will eventually end up holding the purse. He will be the one trudging along with it, a look of dire misery and boredom on his face. If you go into lingerie stores, you’ll see men holding various pairs of ‘ahem’, undergarments, sheepishly in his hands. Sometimes they stare at the ceiling, or zone off into space, and then if you accidentally catch their eye, they immediately blush and attempt hiding the hangers of feminine apparel.  I find it all quite amusing- seeing grown men, holding purses. Seeing teenage guys shopping in Clair’s. Seeing boys falling asleep on random benches. I think it’s funny, and even kinda cute.
It all makes me appreciate the boys here at home, who “patiently” drive mother and I to the mall, and on occasion “patiently” wait for us, in the car, or on a mall bench, with our bags.

Victor, this summer. This is how Victor “patiently” waits for us at Sears. 

P.S. I haven’t been feeling very well, but I plan on getting caught up with everyone’s posts as soon as I’m back to my usual self. Thank you all very much for the get well soon wishes.

4 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping. Yikes.

  1. Larissa Tenorio December 27, 2011 / 5:39 pm

    Angelia: I'm a last minute shopper too (hence my being there on Christmas Eve), but I can't help but people watch while I shop. It's so fun.

    cdnkaro: I used to do that growing up. I remember sitting on Sear's carpeted clothes section floor, and watch people. I felt awesome because nobody noticed me, and I was observing them from head to toe.

    Ann: I wouldn't want to go either, but this year things were really hectic, and it turned out that was the only time I could make it. Still, when there are that many people at the mall, people watching becomes so easy and fun!


  2. Ann December 27, 2011 / 4:55 pm

    Wonderful observational post – I love people watching! But you couldn't pay me to go to the mall on Christmas eve!!!


  3. cdnkaro December 27, 2011 / 1:54 pm

    I hate shopping but love people watching. If I had my way, I'd be the one sitting on the bench holding a purse:)


  4. Angelia Sims Hardy December 27, 2011 / 6:10 am

    Ha ha! Great description of shopping and shoppers. I am a last minute shopper. So I have that bug-eyed look. 🙂


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