Yolanda Yu.

This post is the second in my Z-A challenge. Read ’bout that here.
Disclaimer: All views expressed in these posts are views of the letters involved. Not of the writer herself.
 Y’s full name is Yolanda Yu, but you can call her Yoly for short. She is carefree and spirited. Yoly grew up in a “conveyor belt home.” Her parents are both Ivy League alumni, and her two siblings are on that same path. 

 As children, Yoly and her brother and sister where enrolled in preparatory academies, music lessons, swimming, ballet, art, tennis, dressage, and French. Yoly’s parents had a whole plan set out for her, which involved Yale, or possibly, if she must contradict them, Harvard. Yoly referred to their plans as a conveyor belt onto which they would place their children and everything would just take shape and form. Yoly’s siblings accepted this. Yoly, did not, thus earning her the name of “the other daughter”, as she was referred to by her parent’s friends. 

 She decided the conveyor belt would be way too boring. So she got herself back to back jobs, such as a waitress at a local diner,and receptionist/babysitter at a fitness center. 

 When she’s not running, Yoly volunteers to help at the local annual marathon. She hands out water bottles, clean towels, and is a first aid backup. Yoly herself loves to run. She has participated in a local marathon or two and is training for a future one out of state. 

 Yoly is very active and is never still for longer than it takes to throw her laundry into her closet, or feed her dog. She adopted the mutt from a shelter when she was ten. Her dog’s name is Socks and he follows her around everywhere; he especially enjoys going with her on her runs. 

 After graduation, Yoly plans on going to the Republic of Congo with a group of friends. There they will build a school and an orphanage, as well as do what they can to establish a supply of clean water to the children of the orphanage. If you want all the details, ask Yoly because that’s basically one of the many things she will tell you all about as soon as you meet her.

 Yoly doesn’t have a social network profile of any kind because she’s busy running in the morning and living even more the rest of the day. So if you’d like to speak to her, your best bet would be to attend one of the fundraisers her group is doing for their Republic of Congo trip. 

 Yoly likes strawberries and watermelon. If someone says cotton candy, she’ll say, “Yum!”

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