Xander Xavier.

This post is the first in my Z-A challenge. Read ’bout that here.

Disclaimer: All views expressed in these posts are views of the letters involved. Not of the writer herself.

 Xander [ks-ander] strolls into the lobby of his work building. He smiles, waves at the receptionist and adjusts his loose grip on his bag. Xander pushes the button for the elevator and hums a random little tune while opening his water bottle. He takes a sip and the elevator door opens. 
 He walks in and as the door opens on the second floor, a friend walks in. They immediately begin an easy going conversation and smiles are exchanged as the door opens again on the fifth floor. As the elevator door opens on the tenth floor, laughter spills out and five or so coworkers get off and disperse. 
 This is Xander’s morning ritual. He’s easygoing and people enjoy being around him very much. He’s lively and succeeds in putting everyone in a good mood. Xander is the guy who makes everyone feel at home at a party. He draws everyone into a conversation and if you need a favor, Xander’s your man.
 Xander’s spends much of his time with friends and colleagues, and most of the time, they’re spending time outdoors. Him and his posse frequently bike, portage, hike, white water raft, and travel. Some summers they make a party out of it and rent a couple of cabins at a lake somewhere, rent a boat and everyone’s invited for a weekend of tubing, water skiing, and relaxation.
 He’s the life of the party, but completely unassuming. Xander’s can spend the weekend away, but deep down he’s a softie for family. On weekdays, he’s at home in time for dinner, and if not he calls to let mom know. He makes it to his brother’s soccer games and to his sister’s recitals too. He helps dad fix the car and grandmother and grandfather get goodbye kisses. Xander’s family is Latina, and we’re affectionate like that.*
 Xander loves good food, but he’s pretty picky too. His mother spoiled him. 
 If you say black olives, onions, pears or green peppers Xander might look at you funny.
*Why yes, I did just quote J.Lo. 

2 thoughts on “Xander Xavier.

  1. Larissa T. May 16, 2012 / 3:41 am

    *sigh* Unfortunately his mind is made up. He's a little weird like that.


  2. Ann May 16, 2012 / 12:15 am

    I like this guy, Larissa! Although no black olives?! Say it isn't so!


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