A Dress.

 This weekend was an absolute blast and a wonderful experience. We’re at my father’s parent’s place now and unfortunately our visit here is already coming to an end. I have so much to write about this little town. It’s absolutely beautiful and its people amazing and warm.

 But tonight I want to show you a certain dress. A dress that holds memories and dreams. A dress from the 70’s. More specifically, my Aunt Lou’s wedding dress. After all these years, her dress has been carefully kept in a trunk full of belongings from another time, another era. A dress that marked an end to life as it was and the beginning to a life richer and even more beautiful.

 In 1979 my Aunt Lou and Uncle Joe were married. 
 Today … 
I might have had look…

And then a little more than a look…
And Victor might have gotten in the way. …

And it might just twirl … 

And have angel sleeves… 

It’s a lovely dress with petticoats and gloves and everything. It’s lace, it twirls, it’s beautiful. This afternoon had hours dedicated to reminiscing years gone by and photo viewing as well as much much eating. It was a delicious couple of hours. 
After 33 years, she still has the dress. After 33 years, she still has the man too! They’ve lived happily ever after so far, here’s to many more years to go … !

12 thoughts on “A Dress.

  1. Tiffanie July 30, 2012 / 6:34 am

    I love that you tried your Aunt's dress on and gave it a whirl! It's beautiful (and I LOVE those very sheer gloves). I think “What I Wore” bloggers should try that un-selfconcious twirl you did in some of their photos, it's a great way to really understand a dress! xo


  2. Larissa T. July 5, 2012 / 2:01 pm

    According to her, it did. 🙂

    She said she was biting her tongue to not tell her little girl to get out of that wedding dress. ..:)


  3. Ann June 28, 2012 / 1:20 am

    You look so beautiful in this dress! I love dress-up! The dress reminds me a little too of my first communion dress with that type of lace and the angle sleeves!


  4. Molly Jo June 28, 2012 / 1:13 am

    Wow. Simply a beautiful dress, and it looks like you had a wonderful afternoon. Family moments like these will always be cherished.


  5. Jewels June 27, 2012 / 9:48 pm

    Beautiful dress made more lovely by you. I wonder, though, if your mom's heart didn't skip a beat to see you in it. It would if you were my daughter.
    And, congratulations to your aunt and uncle! That's a wonderful milestone.


  6. Carolina June 27, 2012 / 8:23 pm

    Gorgeous dress and gorgeous girl in the dress! How fun you looked back on memories and made some of your own!


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