In Real Life.

Today Papa is a Preacher will be switching blogs with In Real Life
Meaning, we’re being featured there, and Emma-lee will be featured here. 🙂 
So without further-ado, please meet Emma-Lee.

Hi everyone! I’m Emma-lee, and I blog over at In Real Life. This is the first time I’ve ever been featured on someone’s blog (thank you Larissa), so I’m kind of just playing it by ear. But, to give you a bit of a look at what I write about, and what reflects my work I’m just going to tell you some things about myself. Here we go!

 I love everything crafty, and artsy. You can often find me drawing, or being creative somewhere. You’ll definitely find a lot of stuff like that on my blog too. I am a daughter of God, and I belong to my amazing earthly family of 9. My younger siblings and I are all homeschooled. And I am blessed to have been the guinea pig of the family, the oldest child. So I turned out a bit strange, being the experimental one. But it seems as though they didn’t have too many regrets, because there’s been 6 more since me. So on my blog you’ll find a ton of pictures of kids (my wacky family) and just what life is like in our busy household.  I also really try to inspire my readers with photos, quotes, and Bible verses every so often. I think it’s really important to keep your ideas fresh, and keep the doors of your mind open always, so that new dreams, ideas, and plans can get in. I’m not a pet person though, so you won’t find any adorable photos of my dog wearing his Halloween costume. 😦  No pets. But I do have a quite extensive collection of cute baby photos. So if your interests include Music, Art, Crafts, Photography, my Life (because it’s just so interesting), or randomness. Please come on over and stalk me! But let me know, so I can stalk you back. Just go here to follow me….in a non-creepy way of course, and read more about me here.

Thank you so much Larissa for featuring me! It sure was fun :O)


It was great to have you Emma-lee! Thanks for guest posting today!
If you’d like to be featured, e-mail me at { the girl writes @ hotmail . com } for details.

2 thoughts on “In Real Life.

  1. Winnie November 22, 2012 / 12:50 am

    Hi Emma-Lee! Enjoyed meeting you! You made me chuckle out loud asI am the eldest of my 6 siblings and I always say i was the “experimental” one. I am off to visit your blog. Fun idea Larissa!


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