Trethewey House Museum.

It’s Sunday and I’m craving an outfit post. However, I will have to give the same old lame excuse: School. But I finish this month! Yes, prayers, good thoughts, cookies, and warm fuzzy feelings will all be acceptable and needed this last stretch! And then four months with back to “regular” posting, and I have a bunch of great ideas. More on that on Thursday. 
Today I have a post of a different sort (still school related, sort of. Bear with me). For our History class we had an “Experiencing History Assignment”. Basically we were to visit a historic site and then write a paper about the narrative it was trying to tell. (Sounds so easy, doesn’t it?)
My Prof and I decided I would go to the Trethewey House here in Abby. The website gives a good amount of background and description of the museum, so I won’t go into it because I might just end up writing my paper all over again. So.. photos, as always:
Abbotsford was being very.. Abbotsfordy with its dreary skies and drizzle.
The house was built in early 1900s and it belonged to J.O. Trethewey. He was a rich ol’ lumberman who owned the Abbotsford Lumber Company, and the house it built on the shore of Mill Lake. It is a large house, richly furnished, and oh my word I want to live there. With a couple of modifications, of course. Like the addition of wifi. One thing I would most certainly keep, is the playhouse. Trethewey’s son, Joey, had his very own play house. Like an actual building. An actual house. Just for him! 
Look at all their fanciness.. they had an actual electric fridge! No icebox, whatsoever! Indoor plumbing too! With hot water!

Every couple of months or so, the items in the exhibits are rotated. These china plates, for example are absolutely adorable, but eventually will b put away and new objects will grace the walls.

So lovely! If I were Missie Davis, I’d be able to tell you all about the patters and what they mean. But I’m not. So I just think they’re beautiful and I better not touch them. 
The above photo is the maid’s bedroom. My bedroom isn’t this big and I’m still saving up for a sewing machine. Maybe if I stopped buying so many snacks..?
And outside, Abby continued being Abby… 

2 thoughts on “Trethewey House Museum.

  1. Jewels April 3, 2013 / 6:33 pm

    I've always dreamed of owning an old home like that one. Gorgeous.


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