TidBit Thursday.

Wow. It’s over!I can’t believe Wednesday was my last final for this semester. It went by in a blink of an eye. I can definitely see myself saying the same thing when these four years finish. Wow. It was a wonderful semester in all honesty and like my history professor said yesterday before the final, “I hope you guys can look back to the beginning of the semester and say ‘God has been good.'” Indeed I can.
 It was a wonderful four months and even though I’m sure I will enjoy the next four months of academic freedom, a little piece of me actually does look forward to the fall. Yes, actually. 🙂

 And yes, I have four months until school begins again, which means I probably should be taking summer courses. However, it has been about three years since I’ve taken summer vacation from school, so I’ve decided to take a break this month. I took seven classes this semester, so I’m thinking I can afford it. Hopefully.

Anyways. I’m sure I will have much more to say when I get back to blogging, which will be very soon if everything goes according to plan. But for this weekend, I will breathe. What have you been doing? What will you be doing this weekend? document.write(”);


One thought on “TidBit Thursday.

  1. Alma April 25, 2013 / 4:37 am

    Wow how time flies, I remember when I was having that giveaway and you were just starting your semester. Its exciting . Hope you have some interesting classes lined up next semester.
    This weekend for me will be finishing a blanket and some gardening. But also filled with activities for the kids too.
    Have a good week!


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