Summer in Abbotsford: Agrifair.

Last week Abbotsford held its annual Agrifair. This year we spent the afternoon at the fair on its last day. 
We were met in the parking lot by this lovely lady offering a free ride to the gates.
Once inside the fairgrounds there is a concert stage, a community stage, a food court, rides, a cone zone with free race kart rides, a marketplace, lots of animals, farm machinery and general agrifairness including interesting costumes, awww-inducing piglets and a huge buffalo.
 Lamas seriously have the most human-like eyes. It’s somewhat scary but mostly insanely adorable.
Our curiosity dragged us into watching a pig and duck race. Both proved to be unexpectedly entertaining…
By then it was time to catch the RCMP show in the rodeo ring. This was by far our favorite part of the fair. I admire these officials not only for their horsemanship and service, but also because of their willingness to perform in uniform in such hot weather!
They performed series of impressive moves like stars, charges, salutes, windmills, shanghais and my favorite, the figure 8:
After their performance we decided to forgo the rides in favor of getting out of the scorching sun and into the sheltered marketplace instead. We met The Reptile Guy there, and somehow all of us got looped into taking photos with a white python. 
It was a really fun way to spend our afternoon, and we’re making plans to go back next year. 
Have you been to local fairs yet this year?

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