The One With the Sigh of Relief.

So far, my four months of summer vacation have gone as such:

May: maximum unproductivity.
June: acceptable amounts of productivity.

July: to be determined.
August: to be determined. 
Yes. Four months of summer vacation—my school’s weird like that. Today I completed a summer course and finished putting things together for my trip…oops..we’re getting to that:
Beginning next week, a new month starts, and with it a new adventure. For the first time in my life, at the experienced aged of 20, I will finally ruffle my mature wings and leave our little nest. 
I should have done this ages ago, true. Most my age have already moved from home and are well experienced in the graceless falls, and proud of the soaring heights they have achieved all by themselves. But things just haven’t worked out that way for me, and I’m glad I get to spend time at home a little longer. I feel I would be quite lonely all by myself. I suppose that’s the thing. I’ll never know until I try it.
I admit, it frightens me a little to admit this will be my first time away away from home. It makes me realize how utterly inexperienced I am. But I plan to survive thrive, and not come back home in two weeks.
So we’ll start by baby steps. For the next month I will be living with my cousin in Brazil—thousands and thousands of miles away from my immediate family. We’ll see how it goes.
The point of the trip (among many others, including seeing my Boy who I haven’t seen in ages) is also to dedicate a bit more time to my writing, whether it ends up being published here or not. I want to try a few things, and I hope you’ll follow along. As always, I start with good intentions. Let’s see how good I am at following through!
I guess this post is somewhat of a starting point for me. I plan on travel posts, and lots of social media interaction across different platforms, but I’m still trying to find the voice and direction of this adventure. 
This post is also an invitation, I suppose. I kind of still don’t want to go out on my own…by myself. 
I’m going on an adventure. Wanna come with?
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Snapchat: you guessed it…TheGirlWrites
I’m not the greatest with Twitter, but I can try: also TheGirlWrites
I’ll try to find time to put all of the social media into a Storify and link it to here or the Facebook page! So there will be content enough for everyone! Find me on one, or all, of the above, and don’t forget to subscribe or follow so you’ll get actual post updates. 
Here’s to us.
Let’s have some fun.

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