The One With the Airshow.

A break from my #thegirltravels for a bit of local going ons.
This weekend was Abbotsford’s 53rd annual Airshow, and we went to catch the tail end of it yesterday afternoon from outside the airport gates.
Some attend the airshow from within the airport gates every year; some of us are content to simply snap a few photos of the planes as they zoom down onto the landing strip. 
The Abbotsford Airport is a small airport and is, like just about every airport but perhaps (due to its size and location) on a smaller scale, consistently implementing new ways to attract flyers. The airshow began as just that—an incentive to garner attention and promote flying from Abby.
With 15,000 forming the first attendance, the airshow has been a success ever since its first weekend. In its 53 years, it has featured planes from the Canadian and American air forces, as well as international aircraft from the UK and Brazil all the way from New Zealand and other areas of globe, hence its “International Airshow” title. Throughout the years spectators have witnessed an abundance of military jet formations, wing walking, blimps and more.
During the airshow weekend, there are also scenic flights on a B-25 available. The B-25 is the classic bomber featured in just about every WWII movie. It flies over Abbotsford, giving spectators a breathtaking view of the valley below.
One of the featured planes that was most exciting this year, was the USAF-F22 Raptor (third picture)—a unique aircraft demonstrating extreme advances in military aircraft. We were so close as it landed, and the proximity was magnified by its roaring every time it passed over. Of course, by the time the sound reached us, the aircraft itself was long past.
The jets and the snowbirds are often my favorites. Sometimes we’re so lazy to get out of the house, especially on those sweltering summer Sundays, but in the end it’s always worth it. Sure, we’re sometimes almost rendered deaf, but the family time and all of the formations are so much fun to experience and see. 

A video of the planes making a heart will be up on Papa is a Preacher on Facebook around 1pm this afternoon. Come by and check it out!
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Also, we’re almost at 100, you guys!

What are some of your annual summer traditions?

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