Location, Location, Location

To start off a few posts on our recent holiday, I will begin with a bit about the technicalities of the trip. For example, where we stayed.

Our main resource for finding a hotel was Expedia. We didn’t look into hostels. We did look into Airbnb’s, but, mostly because of personal preference, it just wasn’t meant to be for this trip.

On Expedia, Vini found Euro Hotel in Clapham (a district of London). The price was right, the location excellent, and it had free cancellation just in case.

A bit about Euro Hotel Clapham

It’s very simple. Don’t expect luxury, king-sized beds, plush towels, a range of channels, or complementary anything. It’s a clean room to sleep in and come back to. It’s a warm shower after a day of walking. Our room was very well-lit, which is different from most dimly lit hotels, and very colorful! 

Recent reviews complain about the size of the rooms or about hearing other guests. It truly is small (the bed filled the room), but it was honestly comfortable enough. It’s true, you can hear others coming in or going out, but not enough to bother. If hearing people going into or out of their rooms bothers you, you didn’t walk/see/do enough that day. Go back out and only come back when you’re wiped!

The staff were accommodating and nice. And of course, the best part gives sense to the title of this post. The hotel is, at most, 5 minutes away from the underground (train/subway/metro/tube?). There are 3 Clapham stations: Clapham North, South, or Common. Get off at Clapham North, and you’re almost at the hotel. It’s also 5 minutes in the same direction away from a Tesco (groceries!).

Right in front of the hotel is a large park–Clapham Common. Go to Tesco the night before for some scones and some strawberry jelly (if you get the store brand, the full jar of strawberry jam is £0.28!). Cross the street the next morning and sit on a bench in front of the pond and have your breakfast. Just beware of the very hungry water fowl. 

Clapham has it’s own little center with shops, restaurants, pubs, etc. just a 10 minute walk away.  It’s a very central location without the cost of staying smack dab in the middle of London proper. 

I definitely recommend it if you’re traveling solo or with a partner and looking for a place to leave your things, shower, and sleep. I don’t know what they offer in terms of larger bedrooms so I wouldn’t recommend it for families. 

A bit about Hótel Vellir

Again through Expedia, Vini found a hotel in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland. It was 15km from the airport and on the way to our day trips outside of Rejkjavik. 

Hotel Vellir was much more spacious than our London Hotel. The room and bathroom were relatively large, wifi, breakfast, and parking were all included. And boy did we get a good sleep. Icelandic beds are crazy comfortable. I still think about that bed sometimes. 

The hotel is also close to a Bónus (groceries!). Bónus stores are discount grocery stores, and you can find your basics there. However, they close crazy early. Never fear, there’s usually a Kronan nearby. It’s Bónus’ fancier cousin and is open ’til 9pm. (But, of course, check times before you go.)

There were two things that were advertised on our flight and we ended up falling prey to once we arrived: Icelandic yogurt: isey, and Egils’ Malt & Appelsín.

BUY THE YOGURT! Buy the apple one. Yes. Apple. I don’t want to overhype it, but I must say it blew.my.mind. We had it every day, and I am incredibly sad we don’t have it here. The Malt & Appelsín is a drink: malt and orange soda. I don’t know. It just really works. 

For those of you heading out to Iceland or London in the near future, I hope this helps some! Any more details/help I can offer, let me know!

More on transportation next time. Thanks for reading along and for the questions! It really helps me know what to write next. Keep them coming!

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