Because I Do Not Exist.

I found this in my draft box. It is from 2014, and having been written so long ago, I had forgotten it completely. Reading it amused me. I hope you like somethig from the brain of 2014 Larissa.

They sent me because I do not exist.

I do not lurk in the shadows. I am not the wall flower. I am not quiet, or moody. If I were, I would exist to you. I would be eerie and mysterious. I would intrigue. My power lies not in a proclaimed invisibility. Nor in popularity. I am the middle ground–the best place to not exist.

Instead, I am hidden in the broad smile, behind the bright eyes and underneath the cheery small talk. I am the average. Therefore, you do not remember my existence. It is nothing remarkable. I am nothing remarkable.


Tomorrow, though, will change everything. They have chosen me, and they have chosen me precisely because I do not exist.

Tomorrow I will infiltrate your mind. I will unearth all your secrets. I will disturb your soul. I will paralyze your body.

I will reveal myself. I will jump from behind eyes. I will expose myself in the small talk. I will not be the average. You will remember my existence. I am remarkable.

Yet what am I? Oh, you cannot name me. I do not yet exist.

Brazil 101 – Language + Geography

Every once in a while, in an airport here or there, I am reminded of a few things people might not know about Brazil, or about our language or culture. I don’t really blame them. They genuinely don’t know.

In fact, maybe it’s our fault. Maybe there just aren’t enough Brazilians promoting our culture out there in the world. So! I thought, why not do a little introduction just in case?

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