Might I share with you a little of what I love? A little of why my heart aches to go back to Brazil as often as possible? This..
Some of my mother’s uncles, my grandfather (farthest right), daddy, and mother’s brother in law and brother (farthest left and third from left to right respectively.) This was on the Brazilian father’s day hence the photos of all the dads.
This is Lucinda. She and my mother were friends during second grade and after that year they hadn’t seen each other since. Lucinda continued living in the same town they grew up in and mother left to accompany dad all over the place where his job took him. Then this year after 38 years apart they were finally able to meet again and catch up. It was pretty sweet and so very cool! 🙂
So many aunts, uncles, cousins (and a big part is missing because people were passing by all day, the pictures register those that stayed around for photos).
My grandparents and their two daughters.
Family reunions – I’m lovin’ it. 
Did you have time for family reunions this summer? When do you usually get together? Do you think it’s a pain or do you enjoy it? Enjoy it for those of us who wish we were close enough to have reunions more often, please!


     Every time we go to Brazil it’s a big hurry to get to visit all (or at least the greater part) of our family. Unfortunately they don’t live all in one city, so we travel from grandparent’s place to the other’s (a 8-9 hour road trip.) On our way back, we try to stop every year to have a family reunion with my mother’s aunts, uncles, cousins and family. They live in a town called Boituva. 
     Boituva is well known in the state of São Paulo as the city of skydiving. As you pass the city on the highway, you look up and see tiny specs falling from airplanes up above. As these specs plummet closer to you they open up a lifesaving patch of canvass and the thrilling plummet morphs into an awe-inspiring glide. 
This year I stayed down on the ground looking up and photographing. What say you? Let’s jump next year? Would you be brave enough? Have you ever done anything like this?


Flying is what time seems to be really good at these days. I’m sorry for the silence. This time we went to Brazil I decided that instead of frantically searching for wifi and taking hours to take photos, select edit and put together a post, I’d simply enjoy my vacation. I don’t really regret that decision.
My family – minus Daddy who worked the bigger part of the trip – took forty days to enjoy spending time with family and friends in Brazil. It seems like out of all the times we’ve been to Brazil, this time the days flew by that much faster. There was so much to do and so much we did and yet so much left to be accomplished next time. I can’t wait to be back, but for now, I guess I owe myself and you some quality blogging time. 🙂 
We arrived yesterday evening and I’ll be unpacking my bags and the memories wrapped inside. Hopefully these will be put on display here. I’m planning on starting with the easier posts first (photos) in order to get into the groove of things and end with the harder posts (written pieces + maybe the editorial photo-shoot. I got my dress for it fixed! ). But if you’ve been around Papa is a Preacher for a while, you know things really almost never go according to plan. Still, hang in there with me, please. And thank you so much for being here now that I’m back. 
Here’s to Fall 2013 and all the news it will bring. 🙂
Balloon flying over Boituva, São Paulo, Brazil. August 2013.