Thanksgiving – 2018


Thanksgiving weekend almost caught me by surprise this year. There has been so much going on I kept thinking it was still weeks away until suddenly, it wasn’t. I’m sharing our menu for this year’s dinner this morning, then I’m off to mom and dad’s so we can spend the day together and cook for tonight.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s really worth taking the time to celebrate it, be it with friends, family, or even on your own. It’s more than the dinner and the orange-hued decorations. Continue reading

A Vegetarian Thanksgiving – Menu Template Included


Thanksgiving is a North American tradition and therefore a more recent addition to our family’s traditions. In the USA, we learned the holiday is observed on the fourth Thursday of November as a day to eat and give thanks. It originated with the pilgrims, and its symbols include turkeys, cornucopias, and pie.

In Canada, the holiday arrives on the second Monday of October with little fanfare eclipsed by the ever-nearing Halloween. I think it’s earlier in Canada because winter comes earlier too. It’s a time to gather and see everyone before we hole up for the winter, which isn’t as much of a big deal now as it certainly used to be. It’s a time to enjoy the year’s harvest and to give thanks.

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Canadian Thanksgiving.

Being Brazilian, growing up in America + having an America born brother, and living in Canada, is quite an interesting thing, especially when the holidays come around. For example, for us there are two Independence Days, 4th of July and 7th of September, plus Canada Day on the 1st of July. 
Thanksgiving is a funny one because in October Brazil’s already standing on its tiptoes looking straight ahead for Christmas, in the US the days ’til Thanksgiving start being counted right after Columbus Day and while you’re busy with Columbus Day, here in Canada we’re celebrating Thanksgiving. Quite a funny mess, huh? 
We make the best of it, especially Thanksgiving which we do something special for. So this past weekend after arriving home from Virginia on Thursday, we picked Daddy up form Seattle on Sunday and came home to .. well sleep. On Monday, however, Thanksgiving preparations began and soon supper was ready. 
Did I mention we’re vegetarians? We are. 🙂 So our menu will have no Turkey, but I can guarantee you nobody missed it.
This was our very simple menu that took no longer than a morning to prepare and filled us quite nicely as well as provided plenty of leftovers for the week.
Vegetarian – Canadian Thanksgiving Menu
Beet Salad
Shepherd’s Pie
Zucchini/ Tomato Bruschetta 
Heart of Palm “Pastelzinhos” 
(I’m sorry there’s just no other name for them. There’s a picture 
below so you know what they look like. Yes, they’re Brazilian.)


“Little Pumpkins” Pumpkin/Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread
All Natural Ice Cream

Heart of palm filling for the pastelzinhos.
Dough for the pull apart bread.
Beets for the beet salad.
Rising doughs.
Measuring out homemade breadcrumbs.
Vegetarian Meatballs, with a creamy surprise in the middle, made with dehydrated PVP, ready to go into the oven.

Pastelzinhos. Aren’t they adorable? Bite sized and filled with heart of palm goodness.
Tomato and marinated tofu bruschetta.
Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie. PVP for the beef and frozen veggies, well-seasoned and then…
Covered with creamy mashed potatoes and sprinkled with sesame seeds.
Getting the zucchini bruschetta ready.
Ready for the oven minutes before supper is served.
Table is set and supper is served.
(We’re also a non-alcoholic household, so sparkling water was served instead.)

Victor’s favorite thing I’ve cooked so far. Pumpkin pull-apart bread baked in a cupcake pan to form individual breads. Just don’t tell him they have pumpkin in them. He thinks we call the “Little Pumpkins” because they “look like pumpkins.” Shh! I’m trusting you not to tell!

We’ve got so many things to be grateful for it’d be so hard to list them all. But here’s a summarized version of my list, I’d like to share with you. 

God. Salvation. Hope He Gives.
Our blogging community, 
(This means you.)