Reads: Discussion Questions Chap. 4-8

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Hello, everyone! I’m back with a few more discussion questions for chapter 4-8 of our book Steps to Christ. I hope you have been enjoying our reading as much as I have. It addresses so many points that I feel have been ruminating for years.

I hope within the pages of our book you are finding answers, as well as new questions to think about. I would love to know some if you’d like to share below! Alrighty, on to our discussion points:

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Daily Bread, Daily Struggle

 My mother has made sure that both Victor and I have been told the stories of her childhood in order to remember our family who’s so far away. Occasionally she also tells us stories that her parents told her. Stories of my grandparent’s childhood. Other times, our grandparents themselves tell us stories. This week mother reminded us of this story, and we thought it would make a good devotional post. So here it is.

“And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” – Luke 11:9

 It was in the decade of 1940 that my grandfather was born. His family, consisted of eleven children, plus his parents to make up a grand total of thirteen mouths to feed. His family was by no means rich, and in those days a loaf of bread, wasn’t the easiest thing for his family to come by. In fact, a loaf of bread was a treasure, a rarity, a delicacy. When bread did come along, the loaf had to be divided precisely among the eleven siblings.
 My grandfather tells me he remembers, that oftentimes in his childhood, he would pray that when he grew up, he’d have plenty of bread. It was a dream of his, to be able to eat as much bread as he’d like, to have plenty, and to know he wouldn’t be running out if he ate to his heart’s content. He prayed. And then he worked hard.
 Life didn’t ease immediately. Many times he struggled to provide food for his four children. To put the daily bread on the table, was often a daily struggle. Many times he was let go off work, because he refused to work Sabbaths. Oftentimes finding work was hard as well. But he prayed, he worked hard, and God faithfully stuck to His promise; God provided. Their “bread was given them” and their “water was sure.” They were together, they were getting by, it was enough.
 Years later, when his sons were older, they began a business. They opened a health food store which God blessed and it soon began to prosper. One of the features of this store, was a bakery which would bake whole wheat bread on a daily basis. Every morning customers would pass by for their fresh daily loaf of bread. As soon as the bread was out of the oven, it was wrapped and sold immediately. Customers poured in and bread variety as well as amounts had to be increased. My grandfather and his two sons worked hard, and today he and his son co-own a small chain of health food stores. In each store bread is sold. My grandfather’s prayers have been answered. Each member of his family is provided for, and he no longer longs eats bread everyday. In fact he no longer eats bread everyday. Why? Because he’s grown tired of it.
 Grandfather will be forever grateful for God’s answers to his prayers. God answered far above my grandfather’s expectations. God always does. He’s taken the time to preserve a Book full of promises, and He’ll take the time to fulfill those promises, if you take the time to ask of Him. “If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.” – John 14:14