Bran Castle.

So as I said in the previous post (on Rasov and the fort and all,) the photos we took of Dracula’s castle are quite astoundingly similar to all tourist’s photos of that castle. And although the castle proved to be loads less than what I expected (so many doors were locked, which increases my curiosity to a level of despair) it was still interesting, and I’m glad it happened:

Castle entry ticket, and a shield with a family emblem, I wonder what family that belonged to..

This was by far the best room in the castle. The library. Full collection of Poe’s works, John Brown’s Body and other titles I couldn’t help but drool over, crowd the tight shelves. That were, might I mention, locked! *groans*

Bear rug. Poor, fluffy, soft and luxurious thing….

I wouldn’t mind waking up to a view of a tower…depending the circumstances, of course.

View from the top of the castle…

Ok, I LOVED these doors, and the roof timbers. They.were.hand.painted.and I fell in ecstasy.! I mean, who hand paints their roof timbers now a days? Exactly no one..! does.that. anymore!


Victor…seriously this kid is way too cute. *–*
I loove that parasol 🙂

Cute people…
There’s this room, where they set up a projector screen onto which they projected actual clips of some of the more recent royalties that lived in the castle. The room also had a giant dresser, with a scratched mirror, and empty (yet notice it had paper lining) drawers. (Which I had to open and satisfy my curiosity, that’s how I know they were empty, and yes, I did check for false bottoms.)

I finished reading Austen’s Northanger Abbey on this trip, and I felt very happy at being able to feed my imagination, and tried to see things in Catherine’s perspective. Unfortunately though, my imagination isn’t quite as vivid as hers. That was our trip to the castle, leaving only one more excursion before our journey home.