Doe, A Deer, A Female Deer.

Ever since the first few times I watched “The Sound of Music” as a child, I admired the creativity of that song. Do, Re, Mi. (<- That link is very much worth clicking.) Growing up in a Brazilian home, I was somewhat familiar to the DoReMi concept of music, and this song just helped embed it into my mind.

Yes, I had dreams of picnics in mountains, wearing clothes made from green drapes, surrounded by the six brothers and sisters I’d never have, magically singing the song perfectly on the first try, with a guitar that continued producing music of various instruments even after Julie Andrews had stopped strumming it.

What does this have to do with today’s event? Not much. I was scrapbooking [Great way to feel productive while actually procrastinating], minding my own business, when mother calls out to the household, that there are deer outside.

In Toronto, the backyard was separated from miles of Provincial park only by a fence. The deer that lived in the urban forest, had no trouble leaping over the fence to get into our garden, my mother’s tulips, etc. Therefore it was no strange sight to see them gracefully sauntering amidst the pine trees.

Here in Abbotsford, we have no idea where they come from. But they’re here.

Agh! They’re so cute I want to squeeze the fawns!

Anyways, that’s what happened today. I’ve been pouring over text books lately. [And scrapbooks when texts become too much.] But I’ll be back next week with better posts. I hope.