Object Silliness!

Oh Noos! I forgot Humor Me Friday.. again! 
I’m going to try to make it up by posting an Object Silliness post! 
During the move I got to photograph a couple in the new house and well .. objects that showed up.
From the new bed.. It took me ages to put the bed together. It was super mean. 
This was its taunting face. 
A suitcase clasp.
Mom made each of a panettone. One of them … had a face. 
And it kind of scared me when it was time to eat it.
Kinda hard to see this one, hence the following explanation:
Happy cooler is happy.
Panicking plastic container is… panicky!
Cool cucumber.
This guy kept me company during geometry finals..
When I got upset or stressed I’d turn him upside down. Then he looked like a teddy bear. 
Far less threatening than geometry constructions. 
Smiley Spud
The following photos were taken shorty after we’d moved in and quite a bit before mother’s 
That’s it for now folks.. Happy Weekend and New Year’s…
Hope that 2013 brings many smiles and fun silliness your way.. (:

Object Silliness.

And Object Silliness is back!
I think one of the best parts of this Object Silliness … silliness, is the fact it’s contagious. A couple of you have begun to let faces catch your eye .. most recently, Masked Mom posted her second Object Silliness photo. I think this is awesome. 

A car door…

A very blurry door handle as a big ol’ nose.

Paper stuck on the ground…

Rocks, bark, smile..

Not all big noses are sexy…

Someone’s shoe on a train. Yes, I admit to being a creep and trying to take a picture of a woman’s feet without being too obvious … 

Front of a volkswagen…

Not exactly a face… but a birdie on grandma’s wooden ceiling…

Smiling door lock…

Dispenser in the change rooms at the pool…

Hand dryer in the change room at the pool..

Do you have any object silliness photos? Would you like them to appear on Object Silliness posts? 
Just e-mail them to me at: thegirlwrites@hotmail.com

Object Silliness for Humor Me Friday.

The truth is it’s become second nature. I’m not looking for them anymore. They just, show up. 

Last week, while on the road, I kept seeing them on the sides of houses. The windows were arranged specifically to form smiles, faces, etc.

Like this one..

The library had plenty to contribute…

A lopsided toothy grin.

And there he is again.

On our way out, Victor spotted him ^


And when we got to the church, on the piano… there was another grinner. 
We went for a walk, ended up at the outdoor portion of a museum, and there was the smiley.

In the same museum, behind the fence, was an onlooker…

At the small town consignment shop…there was a clock face.


And in the church cafeteria.. the doorknobs and trash grinned.

Keep smiling. Keep searching for the happy. And speaking of happy, Happy Friday Y’all!

Object Silliness.

Well Internet, here’s the goings on.

Ten days ’till the SAT. Remember the SAT? Yeah, everybody’s taken it, everybody’s forgotten about it, everybody’s over it.

Everybody except me. Naturally, I think I’ve got the worst case of the jitters in history, I’m the one who has most obsessed about this in ages, I’m the ones who has written the most blog posts on the topic. That one might be true.

More news.

I’ve got myself a job. (More on that later.)

A friend is planning on visiting in a couple of weeks. (Yay!)

I will be taking my driver’s ed road test. (Here in BC we get three different license, the first one, I got last year and all that was necessary was a written test. I had several limitations with that license including a red “L” that I had to put on the car’s butt every time I drove. Now I have to take the road test and put a green “N” on the car’s behind.)

Victor has begun violin classes. (My ears. My poor ears. Have any earplugs? I’m joking. I’m so happy he’s taken up music classes again. The kid’s got talent.)

March .. has much goodies to fill it.

On a completely random note, have you ever noticed how inanimate objects around the house can be completely silly?

Victor and I make a game out of it. To see who can spot a new face/expression on a household object.

Mom’s vegetable grater.
On the corner of the washing machine. 

Here’s a silly, not so inanimate object.
Victor eating frozen blueberries we picked last summer. 
Anywho, that’s what’s been and what will be going on around here in Abby. Be back to normal soon. Right? Hopefully?
Happy Thursday, y’all!