TidBits from "Enter Month Here."

These are scattered tidbits from the months past…
Because not everyone has twitter.

Just give me Judd Nelson thrusting his fist in the air because he knows he got me… Just give my Patrick Swayze reminding everyone that nobody puts baby in the corner.. Just give me Patrick Dempsey offering to ride away on the back of his lawn mower.. Or give me Eric Stoltz telling me he didn’t know. ’85 – ’87

Imma get myself a big fat Newfoundland pup. That shall be my equivalent of a cat collection. I shall be known as the “crazy Newfoundland puppy lady.” Because I could never be normal and be something that already exists.

Doing laundry like a big girl!
So far so good. It’s the next day and I’m still waiting for clothes to dry ’cause I forgot to check if they were dry last night.

On the way to the airport, Victor pointed out a restaurant that offers “Indian Style Chinese Food” .. well that ought to be interesting, no?

So we were going to pick up Daddy at the airport.. But the car doors are frozen.. and refuse to open..So we have to wait now… 

 I kind of..um.. have trouble paying attention. Especially to vital details. This is problematic in so many things, baking very much included. See, sometimes I decide to get creative and look up a recipe, except it’s in “British” meaning the measurements are like so: 

170g flour

I am left gaping at that. I have no idea how much that is. No idea I tell you. None. 
 Anyways, a really nice lady wrote the recipe like so: 

170g/3/4 cup flour 

Easy right? British and American measurements (there’s a more technical way to say that I’m sure) side by side. Perfect! Right? Except.. it’s super easy to miss that 3 there… Take your time .. subtract the 3 from that and what do you get?… I’m telling you..I shouldn’t be allowed to bake anymore.

Helped Victor w/ his paper route today. Passed by a house with Halloween decor still up. I think they’re confused. (Yes yes he’s the golden child. Already has a job while I’m here spending it all on thin textbooks. Whatever.)

If you vacuum a spider it dies right? I’m terribly afraid it won’t and will, instead, survive and come back a 6-legged creature thirsty for revenge!

Just finished organizing Monopoly; who plays and then leaves everything upside down like that!? All the money was in chaos! (I might have spent more time than I care to admit, sitting down amidst three Monopoly boxes and organizing everything. Cards, money, houses/hotels. I see your smirks. I know, when I have kids this will seem so silly. But I don’t! So leave me to my crazy organizing ways!

I changed Blogger to “English – UK” just to see what would change. Nothing really did except I read everything in a UK accent in my head. ( I will never read it w/ an accent out loud because Loki-Lou and Sleepy Joe would, with good reason, be terribly insulted. )

From the week I finished high school: 
This week was fabulous… now.. let’s make it even better and GET THESE FINALS OVER WITH! 

Pankicking? Darn it I just made up a new word… to get rid of finals.. we’re gonna pankick!!


So technically these are mostly October TidBits, but it’s November.. so I don’t know whether to call them October Tidbits or November Tidbits.. so.. um …

For those of us without twitter and because sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough.

Sometimes I like to mess with Victor’s mind by telling him to be quiet while he’s reading silently. 

Got my background check this morning.. My “criminal record” is not available.. Or in other words.. I have none.. I’m interesting like that.

I get happy when it’s time to eat. Do you get happy when it’s time to eat? You should get happy when it’s time to eat.

Always listen to your mother. Always. The laws of gravity will bend over backwards to make her statements and instincts right. Always.

It seriously bothers me how we constantly get “jealous” and “envious” mixed up. WHY would you be jealous of someone’s hair? How do you get jealous of someone’s hair anyways? “Oh my goodness No! You can’t play with her hair! Only I can play with her hair!” …? 

Things I’m Still Afraid of: Washing my face in the shower because something will be hiding behind the curtain and when I close my eyes it will snatch me.

If you spit bubblegum on the floor, you will have just witnessed a completely inelastic collision. 🙂

(I only know this type of stuff because I have to.)  

Overly Attached Girlfriend’s favorite verse: Matthew 28:20 last part.

I miss running after fireflies .. ~*

Things I’m still afraid of: Crossing the street by myself and loud sink drain thingies. 

Told someone I plan on going to Uni this January, “Since when do they let kids into university?” 

Oh please. Why does this keep coming up? I’m a big girl!

That soul crushing moment when you walk to the fridge and realize you’re out of OJ.

Hugging helps lower blood pressure.

“I will wear my heart upon my sleeve for daws to peck at.” 

Less than a month away from being old enough to vote, buy tobacco, get my own place, get married, get a tattoo, get arrested. Not sure how many of those I’ll actually be doing… but…

Does anyone ever even use those straps inside suitcases? I could use a few to strap a couple of shoes outside, though….

Currently eating spaghetti with chopsticks. With my LEFT HAND!

How do you explain to someone that the small bruise on your face is the result of your phone loving you so much it jumps from your hands to kiss you while you’re lying in bed reading and holding it up?

Here’s a tip: Never read a natural treatment book out loud if you don’t know what you are reading actually means..Especially if you don’t know what it means. For example, don’t shout out a name of a disease and ask what it is in the middle of a living room at your grandmother’s house. Google it if you must, but don’t read it out loud. And that’s another thing, when you do google it, please make sure it’s on search, not images. 

That’s it for the tidbits folks, but I’d really appreciate it if you passed by our TidBit Thursday link up and left your link!


August TidBits.

And here are August’s TidBits … because not everyone has Twitter:

I firmly believe that if we must lick envelopes closed, they should at least be flavored. Like Nutella. Just saying …

Is it weird that I think that .. one of the most inspiring parts of the olympics..is the commercials. -_-

Tiffanie’s opened up her Etsy shop! Come check it out! cornerblogstore  

So many wonderful things to do! So little time! This gives me happy shivers.

Everyday I randomly pray little prayers … most of them consist of: “Thank you Lord for cookies, and thank you Lord for milk.”

When Victor reads the Bible story of the night at Simon’s house, he substitutes cinnamon for Simon’s name. “Cinnamon was a proud pharisee…” Probably just goes to prove we’re related…

Some nights, I can hear the train whistle blow as it gets further and further away… Train whistles have always had the ability to tug at my feelings and take a piece of me with them into the dark distance . .. Anyone else feel trains have that effect on them?

After my presentation as a swimming instructor, fellow classmates complimented me with the following, “You have a good instructor’s voice.” 
Little do they know … ‘being loud’ it’s part of being Brazilian.

So.. Is the back of your back .. your chest?

That awesome moment when you have a face mask on and you feel a sneeze coming on. 

“Life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominating.” ― O. Henry, The Gift of the Magi (That story is pretty darn awesome by the way) 

Nothing is more contagious than an example.

This evening, right after his shower, Victor weighed himself and came jumping out into the living room yelling “I’m fatter! I’m fatter! I gained a pound! Hallelujah!” And this just goes to prove .. something, I’m sure.

Sometimes I wish I had laser beams that would shoot out of my eyes on command.. it would make my death stare that much more effective..

I can’t wait til they find a way to make it possible for people to message you phone battery charge.. And candy. Definitely candy.

Just vacuumed and swept the whole house. Arm workouts for the whole entire week? CHECK!

Friday night I was surprised to find a purple black and green bruise on my hip. Extremely tired, I ignored it. Yesterday I remembered where it was from … Friday morning after 3 1/2 hours in the water teaching kids to swim, my last student attempted a flutter kick but missed the water completely. Guess where he kicked instead. Yep. My hip. I wonder how many people think working with kids is actually a safe job … 

How has your August been?

TidBits of January.

Good Thursday Morning!
Today I have a History Exam, so before I go tackle it (sometimes I wonder who’s actually doing the tackling), I thought I’d leave a few random snippets of January so far. Most of them are Twitter updates. All of them are random thoughts. None of them are coherent. 
Please ignore the hashtags (yes, I’m that annoying person that has hashtags on her tweets. I’m getting better at not adding those though.) But please feel free to click on the photo links.

Ah the chaos that can ensue when you try to explain to your father how a man can be masculine and beautiful at the same time. 

“good future with paper boat” how does a search like that end up on my blog? Uh..

Normal girls take little bites of food, and play with their food. I just use a fork, and eat it. It’s food. I consume. 

Cookie dough. Some is baking, some is chilling, and some is .. is no more. ♥ 
What a girl does on Saturday nights. 
I gave Victor a National Geographic Almanac for Kids for Christmas….now he won’t stop spouting random facts. It’s cutely annoying.
The laughter of ten year-old boys… 
‘I love Edwardian elegance-women have a lot more freedom now, but I think we’ve lost a bit of our femininity’ – Michelle Dockery
There are so many ideas waiting to be found, so many thoughts waiting to be thought.
@BrazilianProbs: When people ask you if you speak “Brazilian” … no I speak Portuguese. 
‘The Greeks figured Cupid as naked, probably because he wears so many costumes, that they could not select a costume for him.’ E. Eggleston
Sad is when you write Charlie Brown and people read Chris Brown, or when you write Snoopy, and everyone reads Snoop Dogg. 
Dear 2008 flashback .. thanks for getting “Dragostea Din Tei” stuck in my head again.
There’s a blizzard outside.

Dear Abbotsford, Clean the streets already! Sincerely, You might not want me driving around on snowfull streets.

It snowed wonderfully last night;this afternoon Victor bought sparklers. So we had a Snarkler Fest or a Sparklow fest?

Um, no Groupon, I don’t want to buy Justin Bieber singing toothbrushes. But thanks. (:

lol. Blogger, let me see if I got that straight: That post has 0 views, but 5 comments. Huh. I might have to have you explain that one to me…

Made Cookies. Burnt cookies. Brother still eats them. He makes my life. 
Has anybody read The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain? There’s a reason it was one of his best sellers, if not the best MT seller. I’ve laughed at least once in each chapter. So happy I put this on my book-list. 
My dear Elle MacPherson, what! was that horrid contraption you wore to the Golden Globes? Honestly?

This line. It giveth me goosebumps of excitement.  (Ben Hur, it’s such a great book!)

Are you acquainted with the DPS (Digital Photography School)? If you subscribe to them, they send you e-mail with various helpful hints and inspiration for Photography. Yes. It’s pretty awesome!

Next week back to regular, actual, posts! Bear with me for now? 

Has your January been random, or are you sticking to your resolutions and schedule?