Humor Me Friday Family Photo Session Edition.

Instead of doing a Humor Me Friday installment this week, I was going to put up new family photos that we took in the backyard. Apparently now I’m doing both. You see…family photos is notorious for 1. stressing everyone out
2. taking forever to get a good one
3. filling up memory cards with photos and getting three decent ones at best
4. making it hard to love your siblings
5. produce photos you will laugh at and they will not, and vice-versa.
So below I present to you only three of the many out-takes from our family photo session.
But whatcha gonna do, right? 
We’re thinking maybe this one is the one we’ll keep:
or this one
Meh, we’re cute when we want to be. 🙂
What happens during your family photo sessions? Do you take them regularly? Do you have a professional do them?


So technically these are mostly October TidBits, but it’s November.. so I don’t know whether to call them October Tidbits or November Tidbits.. so.. um …

For those of us without twitter and because sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough.

Sometimes I like to mess with Victor’s mind by telling him to be quiet while he’s reading silently. 

Got my background check this morning.. My “criminal record” is not available.. Or in other words.. I have none.. I’m interesting like that.

I get happy when it’s time to eat. Do you get happy when it’s time to eat? You should get happy when it’s time to eat.

Always listen to your mother. Always. The laws of gravity will bend over backwards to make her statements and instincts right. Always.

It seriously bothers me how we constantly get “jealous” and “envious” mixed up. WHY would you be jealous of someone’s hair? How do you get jealous of someone’s hair anyways? “Oh my goodness No! You can’t play with her hair! Only I can play with her hair!” …? 

Things I’m Still Afraid of: Washing my face in the shower because something will be hiding behind the curtain and when I close my eyes it will snatch me.

If you spit bubblegum on the floor, you will have just witnessed a completely inelastic collision. 🙂

(I only know this type of stuff because I have to.)  

Overly Attached Girlfriend’s favorite verse: Matthew 28:20 last part.

I miss running after fireflies .. ~*

Things I’m still afraid of: Crossing the street by myself and loud sink drain thingies. 

Told someone I plan on going to Uni this January, “Since when do they let kids into university?” 

Oh please. Why does this keep coming up? I’m a big girl!

That soul crushing moment when you walk to the fridge and realize you’re out of OJ.

Hugging helps lower blood pressure.

“I will wear my heart upon my sleeve for daws to peck at.” 

Less than a month away from being old enough to vote, buy tobacco, get my own place, get married, get a tattoo, get arrested. Not sure how many of those I’ll actually be doing… but…

Does anyone ever even use those straps inside suitcases? I could use a few to strap a couple of shoes outside, though….

Currently eating spaghetti with chopsticks. With my LEFT HAND!

How do you explain to someone that the small bruise on your face is the result of your phone loving you so much it jumps from your hands to kiss you while you’re lying in bed reading and holding it up?

Here’s a tip: Never read a natural treatment book out loud if you don’t know what you are reading actually means..Especially if you don’t know what it means. For example, don’t shout out a name of a disease and ask what it is in the middle of a living room at your grandmother’s house. Google it if you must, but don’t read it out loud. And that’s another thing, when you do google it, please make sure it’s on search, not images. 

That’s it for the tidbits folks, but I’d really appreciate it if you passed by our TidBit Thursday link up and left your link!


Zebedee Ziplenz.

This post is the first in my Z-A challenge. Read ’bout that here.

Disclaimer: All views expressed in these posts are views of the letters involved. Not of the writer herself.

Z’s full name is Zebedee Ziplenz, but his friends call him Zee for short. 
 Zee is suave, urban, collected, and cool. He oozes out coolness. He’s a guy of few words; he listens partially while a lively conversation is taking place, and is partially aloof, trying to remember if he still has herbal tea at home. Zee doesn’t drink coffee. He vowed to never participate in addictions of any kind. Coffee is addictive. Therefore Zee refuses to drink coffee. Zee also hates coffee stained teeth. He’s also petrified of teeth cleanings. 

 Now Zee drops an extremely witty remark into the conversation, witty, fitting, concise and funny. Everyone laughs and thinks, “Man, Zee is such a wonderful guy!” Everybody loves Zee, because he makes himself scarce. He leaves everybody wanting more of his time. He leaves the conversation now. He has to go buy herbal tea, but everybody is sure he’s off to save the world or something important like that. But if Zee is going to buy tea, then tea is important like that. 

 Zee is a writer. He has his own column in an average sized city. Actually, he lives in Normal, Illinois. He’s happy with his job, he has satisfied his childhood dream at a young age, and is quite satisfied. Perhaps someday he will travel the world, or write a book. But for now he’s enjoying the present. 

 Zee wears grey denim pants rolled up once, only once because if you roll up it up once and half you cross the line into douchbagastan. He wears a black and white striped v-necked t-shirt underneath his black H&M blazer. He wears black Vans with that. Oh, and Ray Bans. Black Ray Bans. Zee likes black. If he were an animal, he’d be a black panther. Quiet, clean, and simple. Oh and black.

 Zee writes about stuff. Deep stuff, kinda like the guy who writes “The Oatmeal”. On weekends, Zee attends small private parties where he astounds the older folks present with his insight and wiseness. They have respect for Zee. His coworkers are young, like he is, and are jealous. But they admit it. Zee is cool. They respect him too. 

 He’s a great guy. Not a “fun” guy, unless you count religiously searching thrift shops and music stores for vintage records fun. Zee collects records. 

 Interesting enough, Zee isn’t a wannabe photographer or an art enthusiast. No, he appreciates them, sure, but they’re just not his “thing”. His “thing” rather, is reading. Zee loves to read.

 On weekends, he slips out of those private social gatherings in which people converse quietly and clink their champagne glasses and laugh amiably and sickeningly and use big words, to read a book in the park during sunset. I don’t know what Zee reads. Frankly I just have no idea what a letter like this would read. Fitzgerald? Hemingway? Somebody waaay cool. I’ve probably never even heard of them. 

 Zee likes grapes and cantaloupe. If someone says fried Twinkie, he will throw up.

Object Silliness.

Well Internet, here’s the goings on.

Ten days ’till the SAT. Remember the SAT? Yeah, everybody’s taken it, everybody’s forgotten about it, everybody’s over it.

Everybody except me. Naturally, I think I’ve got the worst case of the jitters in history, I’m the one who has most obsessed about this in ages, I’m the ones who has written the most blog posts on the topic. That one might be true.

More news.

I’ve got myself a job. (More on that later.)

A friend is planning on visiting in a couple of weeks. (Yay!)

I will be taking my driver’s ed road test. (Here in BC we get three different license, the first one, I got last year and all that was necessary was a written test. I had several limitations with that license including a red “L” that I had to put on the car’s butt every time I drove. Now I have to take the road test and put a green “N” on the car’s behind.)

Victor has begun violin classes. (My ears. My poor ears. Have any earplugs? I’m joking. I’m so happy he’s taken up music classes again. The kid’s got talent.)

March .. has much goodies to fill it.

On a completely random note, have you ever noticed how inanimate objects around the house can be completely silly?

Victor and I make a game out of it. To see who can spot a new face/expression on a household object.

Mom’s vegetable grater.
On the corner of the washing machine. 

Here’s a silly, not so inanimate object.
Victor eating frozen blueberries we picked last summer. 
Anywho, that’s what’s been and what will be going on around here in Abby. Be back to normal soon. Right? Hopefully?
Happy Thursday, y’all!