Recitals and Petticoats

Friday afternoon the Kid and I participated in our music school’s annual spring recital. It was my first presentation with them and yes… I was quite nervous. But it went well and the Kid played wonderfully as always. More on that later, this is what I wore. I do apologize for the photo quality, something funky was going on with my camera. Hoping it’s fixed now. Anyways, this  is what I wore. One of the things I absolutely love about this skirt is the hint of petticoats it has on the trim. I absolutely love it!
Hair clip – Romania
Cardigan – Forever21
Skirt – Togo (Ancient)
Shoes – Brazil

Boots and Bowties.

Hello! This is my second attempt at an outfit post. 
Last week’s seems to have gone well, so I’m trying again. 
Pink long-sleeve T – Urban Outfitters
Black Jacket/Blazer – Topshop 
Pencil Skirt – Tailor made in Brazil
Bowtie print tights – Ardene
Boots – Breckelle’s
Scarf – gifted
Hat – Claire’s 
Hope you guys had a great weekend!
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PolkaDots and Mint.

 Every once in a while I may post an outfit post, and you will notice, I shall probably fit into the “Modern Fashion Bloggers”. I wear skirts. Every day. To school. To the grocery store. Everywhere. And I don’t mean mini’s .. I mean down to the “proper” “old-fashioned” “prudish” and occasionally “matronly”.  
 Girls that wear skirts, are just as prone to fall into the “jeans (skirt) and sweater” rut. And believe me, if I wore pants, sweats and baggy sweaters would be my all time uniform – which is another reason I’m beyond thankful for always wearing skirts. It gives me that push to dress up every day. 
 My first four-day-week of school ended with a total of a compliment each day. Sweatpants and baggy sweaters might not have. Compliments make me feel good. What?! They do! I admit it! 
 Every once in a while, I shall document my failures and scores here.  I’m no fashonista and I don’t pretend each of these posts will be all that great, but I put thought into my outfits, so, why not share them with you?! 
 To kick this off, here’s a taste of polka-dots, boots, messy hair, and mint.
Skirt – ForeverXXI
Top – Smart Set
Belt – from another top from Urban Behaviour
Boots – Breckelle’s via Burlington
Hair Clip – Shabby Apple
Tights – good ol’ Walmart
Glasses – Firmoo
Yes! Posing in my backyard is awkward, but I hope to get better at it and have some more natural-looking photos in the future! Bear with me? I’ll get there!