A Vegetarian Thanksgiving – Menu Template Included


Thanksgiving is a North American tradition and therefore a more recent addition to our family’s traditions. In the USA, we learned the holiday is observed on the fourth Thursday of November as a day to eat and give thanks. It originated with the pilgrims, and its symbols include turkeys, cornucopias, and pie.

In Canada, the holiday arrives on the second Monday of October with little fanfare eclipsed by the ever-nearing Halloween. I think it’s earlier in Canada because winter comes earlier too. It’s a time to gather and see everyone before we hole up for the winter, which isn’t as much of a big deal now as it certainly used to be. It’s a time to enjoy the year’s harvest and to give thanks.

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Thanksgiving menu.

Last night I scribbled our Thanksgiving meal menu on the back of my Chemistry notes, so in order to organize somewhat of a shopping list, I’m posting the assigned meal menu and duties for the weekend:

Shepherd’s Pie – Me
Gluten – Dad
Fresh Home-made Bread – Mom
Salad – Mom
Apple Pie – Me
Pumpkin Bread – Victor and Me

To do (other than cooking):
Paper Turkey Napkins (from old Abeka Academy art book). the only turkey on the table!
Find the candles in one of the boxes in the closet and the table cloth too.
Make sure the house stays tidy until Sunday evening/Straighten up the house because it won’t be Friday clean on Sunday evening.

The great thing about living minutes away from the American border, having lived in America, having an American brother, and yet living in Canada is that we get to have two Thanksgivings! But this Thanksgiving is just two days away and lots to do away. So I better get started this instant! Happy Weekend Everyone!
And Happy Thanksgiving!