Fanny Price And Why We Dislike Her

*thoughts after reading the book; in no way academically informed. 

I just finished Mansfield Park this week, thus finally finishing all of Austen’s main novels. It only took me nine years, but we got there.

Mansfield Park is pretty notorious for being long, slow, and its heroine, Fanny Price, incredibly lackluster to say the least. I started this book five years ago, but couldn’t for the life of me continue. I watched the movie adaption (because Jonny Lee Miller), but I felt comfortable in agreeing with the general dislike towards this insufferable book.

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Reads: Thoughts from the Mount of Blessings

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Well, that was a longer than anticipated break from our reads! A few months ago I started a little book club to encourage us to read books that inform and deepen our faith. Thank you so much for participating! Our last book, Steps to Christ, was a true blessing to me. If you didn’t get to read it, the discussion questions are all posted, and I encourage you to read that book at least once in your life. You’ll likely want to reread it often, but do yourself a favor and read it at least once!

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Reads: Discussion Questions Chap. 4-8

versão português em baixo

Hello, everyone! I’m back with a few more discussion questions for chapter 4-8 of our book Steps to Christ. I hope you have been enjoying our reading as much as I have. It addresses so many points that I feel have been ruminating for years.

I hope within the pages of our book you are finding answers, as well as new questions to think about. I would love to know some if you’d like to share below! Alrighty, on to our discussion points:

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Reads: Discussion Questions Chap. 1-3

versão português em baixo


Hey, everyone! Today was our starting day for our book club. (click here for more info on our book club and to get an online copy of our book!)

How timing works: Timing is going to be pretty loose. We all have different schedules and I want to make sure we all have plenty of time to read. This is a shorter book, but I think that’s a good place to start, with something “doable”. So, my suggestion is to read it in two weeks or 13 nights/mornings. One chapter every day, and boom, you’re done with plenty of time to reflect, meditate, and discuss. Sound good?

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