A Cliché.

And a picture of ducks. Because ducks are birds.
TangledLou at Periphery has asked us to Think Outside the Dead Horse and come up with something for a cliché of our choice. When I first read the post a specific cliché and story came to my mind. It’s useless to fight first thoughts and choices that I make so I’ve decided to go with that first idea no matter how silly it might be.
The Cliché:

“The early bird gets the worm.”

The Story:
My father had this friend named Arlindo. (Yes. That’s a Brazilian name.) Growing up, Arlindo wasn’t exactly the richest of kids. His cousin, however, was quite a privileged child with access to toys, candies and delicacies of his choice. Needless to say, Arlindo loved visiting his cousin and every time he did so his Aunt pleasantly observed that he would eat everything placed in front of him with enjoyment that was delightful to see. Her own boy would refuse most everything except, perhaps, his favorite food dishes. Hoping Arlindo’s appetite would spur her own son to have at least an interest in his food, Arlindo’s Aunt would invite him over often. 
 Years passed and circumstances proved Arlindo to be an active and hardworking young man. He was still the appreciative boy with a hearty appetite and his aunt still invited him over often, though now she hoped he would spur more than just the appetite of his cousin. You see, much to the chagrin of his mother, Cousin had grown up to enjoy laziness and squandering of time. He’d stay home, sleep in often, and hold no interest in any activity except that of being a couch potato. 
 One day Arlindo passed by his Aunt’s house on his way back from work and excitedly mentioned that that morning he had gotten up early as usual. The streets were still asleep and empty and as he walked towards the bus stop he noticed a couple of money bills on the sidewalk! As he told his story a sleepy-eyed cousin who had just gotten up walked into the room. His Aunt beamed and turned to her boy, 
“You see, honey? Arlindo wakes up early and he finds money on the street before someone else does!” 
Without skipping a beat Cousin answered 
“Yeah, but the guy who lost the money woke up even earlier.” 

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