Post 2: Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge

Earlier this week when we were on our way to Brazil, I was in the lounge waiting for our flight and came up with a few things I would say to everyone traveling this holiday season. While some of these ideas are mostly applicable to those flying, others can also be useful no matter how you’re traveling.
1) In order to sleep a bit on the plane unfold your table tray, plump a sweater on it, sit as far back in your seat as possible, lay your head on the tray and pray the person in front of you doesn’t lean their seat back and snap your head into your neck.
2) Wear comfy clothes and have an extra outfit in your bag. There are folks who, whether it’s for business or personal reasons, look amazingly put together and beautiful on the plane.
And then there’s me…
just casually wearing a blanket around the airport. 
(Ok, so technically it’s a super comfy flannel shirtdress, but it really looks like a flannel blanket.)
I tried traveling fancy once. But then my circulation was cut off and fifteen hours inside a plane is uncomfortable enough. Besides, things happen when traveling. Flights are delayed causing you to sprint from one side of the airport to another (not always comfortably done in heels); luggage is lost or delayed; and airplane temperatures vary from Antarctica to the Sahara Desert. 
So unless you’ve found the exact balance of comfy and elegant, comfiness always trumps looks. Besides, if you’re worried about how you will look when you reach your destination, it is always a good idea to take an extra outfit to change into. Even more so because if you have a connecting flight, if your bag doesn’t make it to your destination you will at least have two outfits.  
3) Water. Drink lots and lots and lots of it. Skip the carbonated and caffeinated drinks and ask for water.
4) I also recommend essential oils to relax. I’m not an expert by any means, nor do I use them religiously. But this time we traveled there was someone in a row or two behind me using essential oils and it relaxed me even if it was just the smell. Lavender is one of my favorites.
5) Get in the right frame of mind. Do what you have to do to get to the point where you realize that everything is going to be alright. It is the holiday season…There will be lines. There will be screaming children. There will be full flights, delays, surprises, stressed out airline workers, and maybe even a bit of turbulence. But you’ll get there, and it’ll be all worth it. So try not to stress. How much stress you experience really can be up to you.
What would you add to the list?

In Which He Visits Honduras.

 This weekend we’ll be having a New Year’s get together with a couple of friends. I know, we’ll be five days into the year by then, but during the Holidays almost nobody could make it. Some were working and some were traveling. This “some” included my father. He was in Honduras until the 30th last month. 
 He was there for a Youth Convention and since this blog’s name is Papa is a Preacher, I thought I’d continues posting a bit more of what he does. Although most of his work is now office work, as I’ve shared before, Daddy does do a bit of traveling for his job. Less now than before, but he’s still away for certain meetings and events.
Daddy preaches, baptises, marries, buries, dedicates, etc. 
At youth conventions he holds counseling sessions, Q&A workshops, gives lectures, and more.
 These trips aren’t vacation-like. Most of the times it’s days worth of travel, sleepless nights, different foods to get accustomed to, water to be wary of, long hours of speaking and even more listening and counseling. But every time he comes home and tells us stories and we laugh, he says the same thing. “It was great to be there with them; it was worth it. It was a blessing.” 

Visit to Crossview Farm.

While in Virginia (because I’m back now! [: ) we had a chance to go to Crossview farm on a Sunday afternoon with friends. We got ride horses and soak up a bit of the beauty of Virginia’s countryside. 
Victor and Arwin.
Paloma and Cynthia with Apollo.
Ahem. We were learning balance.. ok.
It was a very relaxing afternoon, the scenery was gorgeous and although galloping might have been more exciting, actually learning a few things about riding was also lots of fun. 

View From the Roanoke Star.

We’re still in Virginia, and I’m still buried in schoolwork. Honestly, 12th grade is beating me up to a pulp. And I have to say, traveling when I have less than four months to finish up high school before the spring semester of university was probably not one of my most brilliant ideas. It’s worth it, however, on nights like last Saturday. 
After a day of church meetings and events, the church youth decided to go out to the Roanoke Star. For several reasons. Because I’d never been there and apparently one simply does not come to Roanoke and not go see the star. And two because Roanoke is part of the awesome small town club like Abbotsford in which basically … everything closes at 5 on the weekends and even if anything were open, uh.. have you been to the star yet?

Anbu, Brandon, Mikey, Jasmine, Janet, Karina, Jason, Leon, Joan.
View of Roanoke, VA from the Star.
The world’s largest freestanding illuminated man-made star.

And the night was made complete by dessert. 
It’s almost time to say good-bye to Roanoke, 
almost time to leave the star watching over its parish. 
Thanks for all the fun times, Virginia! Reality, I’m back in .. 5 … 4… 3… 2…

Old House.

 Every house has monsters and ghosts in it, you know. So maybe they’re not the ghosts you think of in the conventional sense, but neither are ours. Ghosts of dreams, hopes, expectations … Shadows of fantasies and traces of memories … 
 Yesterday I went on a walk on the grounds of the building Daddy’s been working in … the headquarters. I came across this old house; the kids say it’s haunted. I heard they’re going to empty it and tear it down soon, so I took a couple of photos of it while it still stands hoarding all of its debris. 
 I could’ve asked for its story .. but reality would have been reasonable and I preferred to let my imagination go wild ….

… it had such a lovely view… 
I didn’t get too close because I only like windows when I’m inside and sunlight is pouring in… When I’m outside or when it’s dark, I don’t look in or out windows because something or someone will peer back at me. I’m serious.
Good-bye old house … 
The time has come for you to start anew … tear down the walls, clear out the space inside, 
open the windows and let a fresh new world in … 
time to begin again …