Purple + Fences.

It is officially fall. The leaves have said their goodbyes and begun their waltz swinging from partner to partner–branches, crisp breeze and finally a brown carpet of dewy grass. Still, here and there you might find a couple of late bloomers that serve as a last reminder of summer  to be tucked away and the hopefulness of spring to look forward to.
Autumn is time for cable knit sweaters, moccasins and warmer toned colors. 
Top – American Eagle 
Skirt – Tailor-made
Moccasins: American Eagle

What have you been wearing lately? Any favorite shoes that you get to wear during the cooler weather? What do you think, is it time for boots yet?

Denim and Flowers.

     Oh summer how I loveth thee! And yes, summer is finally here this week! Which is quite exciting because I need to tan. Apparently if I stay inside that doesn’t happen though. Bummer. Anyways, here’s what I wore for a stroll in the park yesterday. I love this dress because even though it’s so long, it’s so breezy and cool. It’s perfect for warm summer days. Wouldn’t recommend a denim top though. That thing conserves heat like a North Face® jacket. 
Denim shirt – DKNY Jeans
Dress – Forever 21 (last summer)
Sandals – Brazil
What are doing/wearing to keep cool? Do you have any plans for this summer?
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Summer Dress.

    I’ve been searching for dresses for ages. It’s hard to find something that’s not lacking in length or sleeves or that’s not too tight or extraordinarily expensive. While I’m still on the look-out for my dream day-dress, I’ve found a few to keep me content for the time being. I found this in a thrift shop a couple of weeks ago and I bought it with the intention of having it shortened some. So far it hasn’t happened and I’m enjoying its flowly length. Who knows, I might keep it like this. Maybe. 
Dress – Asian brand that I can’t read via Thrift
Sweater – American Eagle (previously seen here)
Shoes – Kenzie (previously seen here)
Do you have a favorite summer dress? Did it take you long to find it? Where you looking for it? What does it look like? Are you still on a quest for that perfect dress?

Career Options and Pencil Skirts.

       Last Monday we had a whole class dedicated to a “the world is your oyster” type lecture. Magazines about career options, changing majors and building resumes, were distributed and our heads were spinning. But it’s all part of the game. 🙂 And this.. this is what I wore:
From le top of my head to the tip of my toes:
Headband: Claire’s
Denim jacket: JACOB
Blue Longsleeves: ESPRIT (What’s with all these brands being all caps?)
Belt: Urban Behavior
Beige Pencil Skirt: Tailored made. (Brazil has amazing seamstresses)
Confetti Socks: Aeropostale
Shoes: Converse All-Stars
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Knit Sweaters and Bordo.

So last week I had to photograph myself because no-one was home when I came back from school. And I wanted to change. And I didn’t want to wait. Better photos next week?
Bordo Long-sleeve T – Forever21
Knit Sweater – American Eagle
Tan skirt – H&M
Bordo Tights – Ardene
Boots – Breckelle’s
please ignore le hat.. it was a windy day…I needed something.
I really really really need to it be a warm spring. I can’t wait to throw off these boots and wear my flats, and dresses, and maxi skirts, and I’m tired of jackets. 
Summer. Please arrive. Soon.