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Joice Kelly

Joice + Stuart – A Multicultural Love Story

Getting married isn’t a simple decision and involves serious consideration. A couple where both individuals were born and raised within the same cultural context already

Nathália Alcântara

Why Should We Talk About Sex?

My people have perished because they lack knowledge […] Hosea 4:6 People have had sexual relations and procreated for millennia, and still, there are many


Let’s Talk About Anne

In the past few weeks, I have observed with curiosity and interest the way Anne with an E (a series on Netflix by Netflix and

Gabriele Machado

6 Ways to Dispose of Used Clothes

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the experience of letting things that no longer make sense to you go. If you have, you will

Evelyn Gessner

Rewriting my Resolutions

Ah… resolutions! Also known as”objectives” or better yet “goals” for the new year. They’re the famous lists we make at the end of December, where

Gabriela Ferreira

Exploring Seixal, Portugal

It’s possible to find hidden and interesting corners all around us, even close to home. Have you ever thought that there are probably places to

When we see this state of affairs, we cannot help breathing a prayer that God will bless the world with women who are developed as they should be in mind and character, women who have a true realization of their God-given responsibility.

The Signs of the Times,
March 23, 1891

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