Highlighting Daily Faithfulness

My mother had an older brother who died when I was a toddler. Growing up, my parents would sometimes talk about Uncle Vicente. I knew about the accident in which he died.

I also knew from them how he lived. How much he loved music and to play his guitar. How hard-working he was. How he liked to tease. How infectious his joy was. I also knew he was almost blind.

Surgery didn’t help. He wore thick glasses, but still only managed to barely see. Uncle Vicente and his brother, my Uncle Daniel, took over a health food store the same year I was born. They sold natural products and fresh whole wheat bread baked daily. During that time, they stayed with my parents who lived several blocks away from the store. One evening, Uncle Vicente walked from the store to the house to tell my mom he’d be home late because he was waiting for the bread to finish baking. She was five months pregnant and home alone. He didn’t want her to worry.

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Friday Eats- an Introduction

Do you cook something special for the weekend? Growing up, my mom always made sure there was something special for Sabbath (Saturday). Whether it was for dinner on Friday (when Sabbath begins) or for potluck lunch at church, every Friday she would decide on something special.

It’s become woven into who I am, and every Friday it’s almost an act of self-care to make something special. But…

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Why You Should Unfollow Me

If you follow me on Instagram you might know by now that I’m big on “intentionality”. Especially when it comes to social media.

Social media is great. It can bring people closer, inspire, foster community, teach, entertain…but we know the opposite is also true. It can alienate, discourage, break friendships, degrade. We know this is true because we’ve likely all felt it.

But good news! This is where your free will comes in. You have control.

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