#thegirltravels – Ilhabela, pt. II


Ilhabela is right off the coast of São Paulo, approximately 4 hours away from São Paulo city. It’s an archipelago of islands, the largest one is Ilha de São Sebastião (St. Sebastian Island). The island is rich in history and tradition, its settlement reaching far back to the time of Amerigo Vespucci and further still to the Tupinambas (Native Indians) who lived there before. Because it was a haven for explorers and the scene of many shipwrecks on its rocky beaches, there are numerous opportunities for diving and checking out ancient wrecks, which are now home to exotic sea life. Continue reading

Innocents Abroad — A Surprise

On Tuesday evening, August 14, Vini and I arrived home after 44 days away. It had been two years since we had gone to Brazil, and boy was it time for us to visit.

It’s hard for me to explain what it’s like to go back. It brings me so much healing—physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. As my brain switches out English for Portuguese, everything else switches a little bit too. Going back centers me, and I am so thankful we had a chance to go when we did. Continue reading

Guava Paste Rolls – Enroladinhos de Goiabada

versão em portugues abaixo

SUMMERTIME! It’s almost here! I can feel it. We’re planning loads of fun trips and big changes for this summer. The sun comes out and it feels like we all come alive and become braver to try new things, go new places, get moving…

Maybe you’re not going far away this summer, or maybe you’re waiting for the day to take off to arrive. Here’s a recipe to make and bake in the meantime. It’ll give you a taste of a faraway land. It’s quick, easy, and tastes sweet and summery.

Introduction to Guava Paste

For this recipe we’re using Guava paste or guava marmalade. It’s made from guava, native to South America. The guava paste is a thickened jelly that is so firm you can slice it. Its strong sweetness complements deliciously with savory. The deep guava-red hue adds a beautiful flair to dishes. It has a flexible texture meaning you can slice it and pair it with queijo fresco (or probably any cheese; it’d make an excellent addition to your cheese board), or melt it with a few teaspoons of water and use it as a cake filling, or cut it up and use it as a filling for rolls and other pastries. Buy it. Open up the packaging, slice it, throw it on a cracker, welcome to a new world. Continue reading