The One With the Cathedral of Brasília.

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In continuation of my journey to visit as many Oscar Niemeyer designs as possible, I was adamant about visiting the Cathedral of Brasília, one of the nation’s postcard locations.
The Cathedral is the city’s Roman Catholic Cathedral. It was planned and built alongside the capital, its foundation set in 1958 and the building completed in 1960 together with the city of Brasília itself. It was officially inaugurated a decade later on May 31, 1970.
The church and bell tower can be seen above. The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and its official name is the Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of Aparecida (the patroness of Brazil).
Source of information above and a 360º virtual tour can be found here.
I was enchanted with the architecture, the lighting, the glass—everything really. I love entering postcards and watching, as the buildings come closer, your preconceived notions of the place from all you’ve read, seen, heard, or watched, fade into the reality.
What was the last postcard you visited?

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