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Evelyn Gessner

Rewriting my Resolutions

Ah… resolutions! Also known as”objectives” or better yet “goals” for the new year. They’re the famous lists we make at the end of December, where

Priscilla Cavalcante

Renewing My Commitment to Modesty

Have you noticed how a burden has been placed on how we dress? Whenever an opportunity arises, people often try to convince us that the


January 2020: Renewal

This month at The Girl Writes we’re tackling the theme of renewal. Every day is a fresh start; every moment can mark a new beginning,

Priscilla Cavalcante

Does God Really Care What I Wear?

“As the index tells us the contents of stories. . .even so does the outward habit and […] garments (in man or woman) give us

When we see this state of affairs, we cannot help breathing a prayer that God will bless the world with women who are developed as they should be in mind and character, women who have a true realization of their God-given responsibility.

The Signs of the Times,
March 23, 1891

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