Elijah a depressed man of faith
Lilian Gessner

Elijah – A Depressed Man of Faith

Elijah was a man of faith. Robust faith! But that didn’t mean he never experienced depression. So what’s the relationship between faith and depression?

Control your social media

Why You Should Unfollow Me

When you control what you’re consuming on social (and other forms of) media you control your mind: thoughts, which become actions, which become who you are!

Depression and faith
Priscilla Cavalcante

The Limits of Man

When you are hopeless, turn to Christ. Our limitations are His opportunities to work!

Power of positivity in the mind
Natália Ribeiro

“As I Have Loved You”

The words you speak have an immediate effect on your brain and that of your listener’s. This effect can be positive or negative, both are equally powerful.

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