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The Girl Writes was created with you in mind. It began as a dream to offer valuable content for the Reform woman. The “Girl” in The Girl Writes is both the reader and writer. We want to give voice to your thoughts, questions, concerns. Every writer here has a passion to offer you the best to add value to your life. By God’s grace we want to bring you closer to Him and His plan for your life.

Brief Introductions


Larissa Gessner

Editor in Chief

fashion Writers

Ana Paula Barbosa

Fashion + Devotionals

Gabriela Ferreira

Fashion + Travel

Gabriele Machado


Eloísa Santos

Fashion + Devotionals

Juliana Mendes


Health + Wellness Writers

Deise Caroline

Education Psychologist - Relationships

Andréa Souza

Iridologist - Health

Priscilla Cavalcante

Dentist - Health + Devotionals

Nathália Alcântara

Gynecologist + Obstetrician - Health

Faíla Sichieri

Psychologist - Health + Relationships

Devotional Writers

Lilian Gessner


Quezia Freire


Leilinanda Neves


Evelyn Gessner


Travel Writers

Joice Kelly

Travel + Devotionals

Nathália Alcântara

Travel + Health

Gabriela Ferreira

Fashion + Travel

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