Breastfeeding, nursing, nurturing
Nathália Alcântara

An Intro to Breastfeeding for the Expectant Mother

If you’re a mother or would really like to be one someday, you need to know how to promote breastfeeding and remove as many of the hindering factors as possible. Let’s consider some.

Deciphering Depression
Deise Caroline

Depression and Religion

Unfortunately, many have used religion as an excuse for not seeking professional support when emotional or mental problems are at stake. But should it be this way?

Control your social media

Why You Should Unfollow Me

When you control what you’re consuming on social (and other forms of) media you control your mind: thoughts, which become actions, which become who you are!

Stop mom-shaming and unsolicited advice
Helena Esteves

Dealing with Unsolicited Advice in Motherhood

While often well-intentioned, unsolicited advice often turns into mom-shaming. Here are alternate ways to support moms and what to do if you’re the subject of intruding advice.

How to help someone who's depressed
Leuane Amorim

I Have Depression. Now What?

Do you have depression? Or maybe you know someone who does? Here are practical things you can do.

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