5 Easy and Fast Hairstyles for Everyday Life

It seems that some days we wake up and our hair got up on the wrong side of the bed. You try to tame it and you just can’t settle on a good look for the day. But maybe unruly hair isn’t a problem for you, and you just want to add a new look to your routine. Today’s article is for everyone who wants to add some oomph to their daily look, try a new hairstyle that looks nice but at the same time is practical and does not require much skill or time!

Bet on the Bandana
Practical, simple and very sweet. It’s super simple: just take a bandana, fold it into a thin rectangle, tie it on your head to know the size you need (at this stage you may mess up your hair a little, but don’t despair, just lower the bandana to your forehead or neck, without undoing the knot, and lift it up again after putting the strands back into place). You can vary the hairstyle by changing the way you put up your hair, leaving a few strands of hair before the bandana, or making a bun for example.

Half Up + Half Down
That middle ground where half of your hair is secured and up and the other half is loose. Despite being a super simple and somewhat trite hairstyle, it is possible to improve it to make it more sophisticated, sweet or bold. Just vary the hair tie, scarf, bow, or any other fastener of your choice!

Braid Pairs
This one requires a little more effort than the others, but it’s also quite simple. Just make two braids and attach them to the back of your head. You can tie one of them while you make the other, or fasten it with bobby pins to make it easier to tie both of them without the first coming loose in the process!

Low ponytail with bow
I’m biased when it comes to bows, as I find them charming! For this hairstyle, just make a low ponytail, tie it and then add a bow. Very simple, but adds a sophisticated and elegant air!

Side braid
The last hairstyle in this article is a side braid. Just select how thick your braid will be and braid normally with the desired amount of hair. You can pull the strands, or “fluff” the braid so that it look fluffier Then just tie using elastic bands.

And there you have it! 5 hairstyles to inspire you when you get ready for your day. I hope you enjoy and feel beautiful when you try these styles! Take some time to play this week! Comment below which was your favorite and tag us on Instagram if you try any! ????

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