Rewriting my Resolutions

Ah… resolutions! Also known as”objectives” or better yet “goals” for the new year. They’re the famous lists we make at the end of December, where we choose which dreams we will work towards in the new year or, frustrated, we simply change the date at the top of last year’s list, since it’s relatively the same.

How’s your list going? Could it use some adjustments? Some people write resolution lists just for the sake of writing them, but the vast majority of resolution makers have full intention of fulfilling everything on their list. After all, the goals for the new year are not a list of wildest dreams but of things to actually accomplish in this new year. So be realistic, practical, and specific, and be nice to yourself and don’t include these three items on your list: lose weight, get rich, and get closer to God. Hold on, I’ll explain.

Don’t write down “lose weight” if it is to pretend that you care about your health, if it is in the hope of pleasing someone who doesn’t really care about you, or to meet standards that are possible for a minority of women.

Instead, how about writing down “exercise”? Not because you’ve established a certain number of pounds to lose, but simply to prioritize your quality of life and to honor the Creator of this beautiful body that you have by keeping it in excellent condition?

Don’t write down “get rich”. Look, this goal is very vague, to begin with. What does that even mean? Does it mean a raise or raking in millions? Get rich how? Taking on more responsibilities at your job? Getting a second/third/fourth job? Investing? And more importantly, why do you want to get rich?

Is it because you can’t pay your credit card? Then wouldn’t it be better to review your spending habits and analyze whether all your purchases are really necessary? Is it because you like to imagine yourself sporting red-sole pumps? But would that really be worth all the sweat, the sleep deprivation, and the sacrifices for something that many will not even know to notice? Is it because you want to live somewhere better? To have things of good taste and high quality?

The true Gospel is not about living in the gutter nor in ostentation, but it is certainly about managing and multiplying the resources that the Lord has given us. It’s not wrong to want to increase, double, or triple your salary, but analyze your motivation and strategy well.

And lastly, don’t write “get closer to God”.

Did I shock you with this one?

It’s just that, many times we make our lists and when we are almost finished we remember that we are Christians and because of this we should at least put one item related to Jesus. When I asked you not to write “get closer to God” on your list, I didn’t mean you should remove Jesus from your 2020, but it shouldn’t be on your list just to appease your conscience.

You know, Jesus is the One who gave us the opportunity to live this year. It was He who sustained us during the difficult times in 2019, and it was He who whispered the right words in our ears to help us continue. He is the One who blessed us with having a baby, winning the scholarship, getting the job, and/or finding that special someone. He was the One who tucked us in every night and woke us up every day.

And that is why I know that He deserves much more than an empty resolution lacking the intent to fulfill it.

Instead, we can be a little more specific and put write down, “really talk to Him” (if you are having a hard time praying, my friend Nanda wrote an article that can really help!), to read the letters He wrote to us through the prophets, or to devote yourself to reading one of the books that He gave us through Ellen (White), and even engaging in some activity in His house.

Your goals are yours, that is, personal. These are things you need or want to do. So be sincere, just put what you really want and can fulfill, be practical, draw a plan of small things that you can do to achieve this larger goal. And lastly, gift the One who made you the very first place in your life and heart.

Queens and Princesses, I wish you all a wonderful year ahead in which you can reflect the brightness of Jesus.

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