Who is Jesus?

Do you know what is one of the most searched Christian subjects on Google? “Who is Jesus” 

And if you are here, it’s because you are looking for the same answer. We invite you to sit study with us learn a bit about what makes this Man so incredible and sought out.

Christ’s birth

You know those stories of rich people that pretend to be poor so they could find out how they would be treated if it weren’t for their wealth? Jesus is so powerful that if He came to the world in all His glory, He would extinguish humanity. And, if you could see Him in all His glory, He would become an object of admiration and fear, which would get in the way of His goal to save humanity and be an example of how we should act. So He veiled His power by taking on human form. We are affirming that Jesus already existed before He was born here on this earth. He himself said: “I assure you, before Abraham was, I Am,” (John 8:58).

If the people of Bethlehem had known who was coming into the world, even in the palace there were some who would have welcomed Him. But His first cradle on earth was a manger because there was no house willing to welcome Him. There were several unoccupied rooms at the royal castle, but none were available for a poor and humble baby.

Before His ministry

Jesus spent most of His life working as a carpenter in the region of Nazareth. In those days, young people were expected to attend the schools of the rabbis to learn everything about the national religion. The Israelites prided themselves on being the nation chosen by God and sought to add rules to the existing law. They lost sight of the significance of the religious ceremonies, making it a burden even the children had to carry. Jesus wasn’t to be contaminated with this form of education, and that is why His first and only teacher was His mother.


From an early age, it was possible to notice a stark difference in character and personality between Jesus and His brothers. He was sweet and kind. He didn’t hesitate to ease the pain of even the animals. He was patient and submissive with endless patience, yet firm as a rock in principle. He was moved by the situation of the poor; He loved the company of other people and was perfect in all aspects of His life.

Jesus as Savior

“Jesus carried the awful weight of responsibility for the salvation of men. He knew that unless there was a decided change in the principles and purposes of the human race, all would be lost. This was the burden of His soul, and none could appreciate the weight that rested upon Him. Through childhood, youth, and manhood He walked alone. Yet it was heaven to be in His presence. Day by day He met trials and temptations;” The Ministry of Healing, p. 19. The weight of the whole world was on His shoulders and a small mistake on His part could mean our complete ruin. But He overcame, and as a result, there is hope for humanity.

As a Servant

“Our Lord Jesus Christ came to this world as the unwearied servant of man’s necessity. He “took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses,” that He might minister to every need of humanity. Matthew 8:17. The burden of disease and wretchedness and sin He came to remove. It was His mission to bring to men complete restoration; He came to give them health and peace and perfection of character,” The Ministry of Healing, p. 17. On one occasion, Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. Performing this task was the duty of the household servant, but He did not hesitate to humble Himself and show the power in serving.

An example of humility

Jesus was not satisfied with attracting attention to Himself as a wonder worker, or as someone who could cure the diseases of the body. He wanted to draw people to Himself as their Savior.

“And the wonder of the careless crowd jarred upon His spirits. No self-assertion mingled with His life. The homage which the world gives to position, wealth, or talent was foreign to the Son of man. None of the means that men employ to win allegiance or command homage did Jesus use. Centuries before His birth it had been prophesied of Him, “He shall not cry, nor lift up, nor cause His voice to be heard in the street.” In that life no noisy disputation, no ostentatious worship, no act to gain applause, was ever witnessed. Christ was hid in God, and God was revealed in the character of His Son. To this revelation Jesus desired the minds of the people to be directed,” The Ministry of Healing, p. 31-32.

As protector

The least fortunate and despised were exactly those whom Christ sought to save. Even children felt good about being close to the King of the universe. He heard and answered the children’s questions, simplified truths to their understanding, and blessed them and their mothers. All were worthy in His eyes.

As comforter

“Often He met those who had drifted under Satan’s control, and who had no power to break from his snare. To such a one, discouraged, sick, tempted, fallen, Jesus would speak words of tenderest pity, words that were needed and could be understood. Others He met who were fighting a hand-to-hand battle with the adversary of souls. These He encouraged to persevere, assuring them that they would win; for angels of God were on their side and would give them the victory,” The Ministry of Healing, p. 26. There were always words of encouragement and hope on His lips.

Breaking the barriers

“Though He was a Jew, Jesus mingled freely with the Samaritans, setting at nought the Pharisaic customs of His nation. In face of their prejudices He accepted the hospitality of this despised people. He slept with them under their roofs, ate with them at their tables,—partaking of the food prepared and served by their hands,—taught in their streets, and treated them with the utmost kindness and courtesy. And while He drew their hearts to Him by the tie of human sympathy, His divine grace brought to them the salvation which the Jews rejected,” The Ministry of Healing, p. 26. He spoke to prostitutes, thieves, lepers, rich, and poor.

Who is Jesus today?

The same. Many people still view Jesus as a severe Judge, with a pen in hand ready to write down each mistake, eager to punish at every opportunity. But as we come to the end of this article, do you still see Him that way? We hope not. Christ treats us today the same way He treated people when He was here.

“When heart and flesh are ready to fail, who throws around us His everlasting arms? Who applies the precious promise? Who brings to our remembrance words of assurance and hope? Whose grace is given in rich measure to those who ask it in sincerity and truth? Who is it imputes to us His righteousness and saves us from sin? Whose light rolls back the fog and mist and brings us into the sunshine of His presence? O who but Jesus? Then love Him, then praise Him. “Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice” (Philippians 4:4). Is Jesus today a living Saviour? “If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God” (Colossians 3:1). We are risen with Christ. Christ is our life,” Selected Messages, vol. 2, p. 245. 

He’s our friend.

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