5 Lessons from the Life of Hannah

The Bible is full of wonderful stories of people who, despite having faults just as we do, completely gave their hearts to God and left a legacy of faith and hope to those who would later live. Hannah is one of those people. She was a woman of unwavering faith who honored God in her life. Want to know more about Hannah’s life and the lessons we can draw from her? Then keep reading.

1 – Unwavering faith
Hannah went through an experience that many women today have in common with her. To her sadness and that of her husband, she could not have children and, humanly speaking, it was impossible to reverse this situation. But she knew that God had the power to fulfill her dream. With unwavering faith in the Lord, she placed her anguish and request at His feet. Rising from her prayer, she was confident that God would supply her needs and give her her long-awaited son. She believed with all her heart in the Lord, that He can do anything

“Her character was marked with deep earnestness and a lofty faith.”

Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 569

2 – Humility
As she prayed and shed tears in the presence of the Lord, Hannah was observed by Eli the priest. When he noticed the woman crying and moving her lips but making no sound, Eli thought she was drunk, a common scene on such occasions. He approached Hannah with a rebuke, warning her against the consumption of wine. Despite being grossly misunderstood, Hannah did not respond with arrogance but was humble and gently told the priest what was happening.

3 – Fidelity
Despite Penninah’s provocations and the difficult situations she faced, Hannah always remained faithful to the God of Israel. When asking Him for a son, Hannah made a vow to the Lord saying that if her request for a son was granted, she would dedicate him to His service. We read in the Bible that the Lord answered her request, and when the boy was weaned, Hannah fulfilled the vow she had made and took her dearly beloved and only son to the temple to dedicate him to God where he would serve in the Lord’s work.

4 – Woman of prayer
Hannah did not entrust her anguish to an earthly friend because she knew that no one would be able to take away her pain. She went straight to the Source, bent her knees, and through prayer, lay her burdens on God. Once her prayer for a son was granted, she continued praying for him daily.

“Every year she made, with her own hands, a robe of service for him; and as she went up with her husband to worship at Shiloh, she gave the child this reminder of her love. Every fiber of the little garment had been woven with a prayer that he might be pure, noble, and true.”

Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 572

5 – Gratitude
Hannah recognized the blessing the Lord had given her and spared no words to praise and magnify Him for this great achievement. The Holy Spirit inspired her to deliver one of the most beautiful prayers that we find in the sacred Scriptures. Hannah’s prayer contained prophetic words about King David, as well as the Messiah himself. “[T]he song points to the destruction of the enemies of God and the final triumph of His redeemed people,” Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 572.

Her piety and fervor is an example for all women who profess to serve Christ. There will always be difficult times, but we must remember examples like these that inspire within us an unshakable faith in God so that we may follow these examples and be equally faithful to the Lord.

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