Lessons from the Life of Eve

Eve’s life lessons echo through the ages as a legacy to her modern daughters.

The busy-ness trap

In the beginning, the first humans were told to stay together. God knew that Eve was stronger beside Adam, “with him she would be in less danger from temptation than if she were alone,” DG, 23. It was when Eve wandered from Adam that she yielded to the tempter’s cunning.

God draws us near, not only because He enjoys our company, but because He knows that beside Him, we are strong against temptation. 

Eve allowed her responsibilities to distract her, and she wandered. What about you? Are you overloaded with life’s tasks? When busyness crouches in and time with God is ‘squeezed in’ when possible, we are easily overcome by temptation.

Playing with sin

When Eve tried the forbidden fruit and saw that it didn’t immediately kill her, she convinced herself that her transgression wasn’t that serious. Perhaps it was all a misunderstanding—a wrong interpretation of what God had said. 

Seemingly small steps away from God’s commandments can seem innocent, and the consequences often happen so slowly that we only notice when we are far from the narrow way. Generally, no one wakes up one day and says, “Today, I’m going to commit a big sin”. It begins with the little things. God gives us guidelines because, in His omniscience, He knows the consequences, and He wants to save us from them.   

Sin eventually killed Eve and brought devastating results to the world she mothered. 

Stewards of blessings

Eve was a steward of creation. She was given blessings in Eden, and her entire life’s work was to tend to them. We are to continue her work, cultivating the blessings with which God entrusts us.

As women, we have a powerful role in the salvation of our households. Adam wasn’t fooled by the serpent. He chose his wife over obedience to God—such was her influence over him. Are we leading our husbands closer to or farther from Christ?

Marriage and motherhood are blessings, and you are called to be a steward of them. Take your responsibility seriously—study, improve, read, pray and implore God for wisdom.

Losing heaven to appetite

You are probably tired of hearing about the importance of a healthy diet. We know that what, when, and how much we eat impacts more than just our physical body, but also our thoughts and our temper.

Perhaps, then, the following text shouldn’t be surprising:

“[…] Eve lost Eden through the indulgence of appetite, and we only regain it by the denial of the same.”

The Review and Herald, October 21, 1884.

May our prayer be: Father, thank you for the food you’ve provided. Please, help me to exercise self-control.

The Mother of Hope

Despite the many lessons of caution found in Eve’s story, the most beautiful extraction from her life is the lesson of hope.

“Though [she] must suffer from the power of [her] mighty foe, [she] could look forward to final victory.”

PP 65.4

So can we, daughters of Eve! Victory in every sphere is in our hands for the taking. Only ask, and His grace will be freely given.

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18 thoughts on “Lessons from the Life of Eve”

  1. Léya Souza

    Amém!!! Matéria maravilhosa sobre essa primeira grande mulher. A primeira parte: A armadilha dos deveres me chamou bastante atenção. E da parte do perdendo o céu para o apetite, gostei da oração no final. Preciso orar por esse auto controle.

  2. Janeila Mescouto

    Que leitura maravilhosa, obrigada pela mesma.Pois me respondeu alguns questionamentos q tinha.Meu muito obrigada

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  4. Telma Dumitru

    Very good lessons. We also learn humility and faith. Eve recognized her sin, but clung to the promise of the redeemer to come. We are not responsible for disaster that has come on this world and yet many times our faith is not strong enough to face the enemies accusations that we are not worthy.

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