Friday Eats- an Introduction

Do you cook something special for the weekend? Growing up, my mom always made sure there was something special for Sabbath (Saturday). Whether it was for dinner on Friday (when Sabbath begins) or for potluck lunch at church, every Friday she would decide on something special.

It’s become woven into who I am, and every Friday it’s almost an act of self-care to make something special. But…

I often spend so much time actually deciding on what to make that I lose momentum. Scrolling through Pinterest, my favorite recipes, the ingredients I want/need to use, and the fact that I don’t have much time all narrow down the dishes I can make to, oh, about a hundred or so. I wish there was a Pinterest I could scroll through with recipes I knew would work well for Fridays—a repertoire.

So I decided to create one. And why not share it, right? Every week I will add to my recipe repertoire here, thus building a little list of my tried and true. The photos won’t be perfect as I’d like them to be, but I’m hoping you can give me some grace on that end?

Reform friends: If you also cook something for Sabbath, these will be potluck friendly, quick, vegan(ish), and I will post the recipes on Thursday so you have enough time to pass by the grocery store in order to pick up last minute ingredients if needed. These will amount to a list of ideas to stick to, or to riff off of.

Carnivore friends: These recipes will all be vegetarian, many vegan. So if you’re trying to incorporate more meatless dishes into your meals, hopefully, these will help.

Now, I’m going to be honest with you. I do not use expensive or hard to find ingredients. I cook every day, and I cannot always afford organic, local, unicorn horn shavings, and Jupiter teardrops. None of these recipes will have fancy, expensive, hard to find ingredients. Ingredients should already be in your pantry, or definitely in your grocery store. I will tell you where you can buy them if you need!

These dishes are simple to make, and I will include tips I use to make them easier. Increase your options for meatless meals, conquer these easy sides, and you may find you enjoy them more than your mains! Substitute these for fast meat dishes when you need a quick dinner. It’s that easy.

I don’t know how long these posts will last, or where they’ll go, but for now, I’m excited to use this space as a little recipe box.

“And let the meals, though simple, be palatable and attractive. Provide something that will be regarded as a treat, something the family do not have every day,” 6T 357.

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