How to Choose Clothes That Fit

An item’s “fit” is the way the garment behaves and adjusts to your body. Choosing pieces that fit us properly makes all the difference if we want to dress well and convey elegance. Below are simple, yet fundamental, tips to make the right choices when it comes to finding clothes that fit you properly.

Know your true size

First, it’s imperative to know your own body, its shapes, curves, and what looks good on you. Be honest with yourself concerning the size of the clothes that can properly adorn, protect, and cover you. Clothing in the right size influences its fit. Remember, size tables vary from one brand to another, so it’s always good to try on the piece to see if it will be the perfect size for you.

When buying online, it’s always good to have your measurements written down to compare with the size chart on the website. The main measurements (bust, waist, and hips) you can find on your own (below), but a seamstress can help you find exact measurements.

Pay attention to width

Pay attention to the widest parts of your body, such as hips, shoulders, or bust, for example. When you try on a piece of clothing that has a good fit, it won’t be stretched, it won’t pinch, and it certainly won’t constrict movement. Instead, it will fit nicely and allow for comfortable movement.

It’s better to use these measurements and adjust your waist afterwards than to buy a garment that fits your waist but is extremely uncomfortable at the bust or hips!

Find your measurements

Want to know if the piece fits? Check if everything is in its place.

Lift your arm and notice where it creases. That’s your shoulder and where the shoulder seam should be. Bend sideways and notice where your torso creases. That’s your waist and where the piece should taper. To find the right sleeve length for a long sleeve piece, take the small round wrist bon as a reference for where the sleeve should end.

The movement test

There’s no way around it—to truly know whether that item will fit you like a glove, you need to try it on. Overcome the laziness and find the fitting room. Invest a little time, leave the store satisfied with your choices, and avoid having pieces that sit in your closet because they just don’t fit right (or worse, wear them anyway).

Once you have the piece on, move! Lift your arms out and up, pretend to hug someone, get down, move your legs, sit down, lean to the side, etc. The perfect piece won’t get in your way.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that the quality of your clothes, plus choosing the right lingerie, are also essential for a piece to fit well. As you put these tips into practice, I’m sure you’ll be able to create the elegant looks and closet of your dreams!

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