How to Dress Elegantly: Choosing the right lingerie

Dressing elegantly begins with the base of it all: lingerie. Maybe you’ve never thought about your underwear as the beginning of elegance, but it’s extremely important! Choosing the wrong lingerie can ruin an entire outfit. Lingerie on display comes across as disheveled, ill-fitting pieces can create unwanted bulges or constrict movement and affect posture and comfort. But how to avoid this? Here are a few ideas:

The “Old Faithful” Bra

Let’s start from the top. Remember that bra that’s super comfortable, so you wear it all the time? You know the one. Well, has it been worn so often and gone through the washer so many times that the cup has creases in it? Or maybe it has become loose and the tip of the cup has begun to poke through your shirt? If you have a bra like that, I’m sorry, but the best thing to do is to let go and put it out of its misery. It’s time to say thank you, next. It has done its part, now let it retire. You deserve support that doesn’t betray you.

True nude

Have you found your nude? Nude is the color that matches your skin tone just right. That means there’s no such thing as just one “nude” color, but many. After all, there are several skin tones. Nude underwear is a great choice; you can wear light-colored pieces with peace of mind, because the color of your lingerie won’t show through. When wearing a white top or dress, for example, always choose to wear a nude bra. Avoid wearing white under white; it may go well with colored pieces, but depending on the fabric, white undergarments show through white pieces. Nude is a much safer ally.

Size matters

Choosing the right size of lingerie also makes a big difference in the overall result.

“Knowing what’s best for your body-type and breast size can literally transform the way clothes fit on your body. Adequate support, comfort, texture, and color make a lot of difference in our self-image. […] The most suitable bra for everyday life is the one that disappears, and for that to happen it needs to fit well. It needs to hold what needs to be held and shouldn’t be tight.”

Renata Meins, Brazilian Influencer who addresses topics such as etiquette and elegance via social media

In other words, a tight bra deforms the body, creating those “love handles” on the back, which aren’t only uncomfortable, but rumple the look. Take some time to learn your true bra size. Many lingerie stores offer to help you find your size.

Strap sizes are also worth considering. Showing bra straps give the outfit a sloppy look. “Elegant women don’t wear their bra straps on display,” says Luciane Cachinski, entrepreneur and fashion YouTuber. If you are going to wear a blouse or dress that has an open neckline (as is the case with the bateau neck), choose a strapless bra.

The right pair of underwear

Moving on to the lower part of the look, when wearing a light fabric skirt or a narrower silhouette, like a pencil skirt, for example, opt for seamless panties or shorts instead of “conventional” panties to eliminate the possibility of the outline of your underwear showing. Depending on the case, a slip is very welcome (and sometimes even necessary) for the same purpose.

Speaking of slips, make sure you have one in your wardrobe. They are friends that avoid underwear outlines, clinging skirts, and see-through situations. When in doubt, add a slip.

What comes to your mind when you think of elegance? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. E tem quem pense que elegância e modéstia é só o que está exposto né. Mas uma lingerie mal escolhida pode expor o que era pra estar escondido e deixar todo o look indecente. Ótimo artigo, Elô!

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