The Invisible Woman – A personal testimony

“Keep me like the apple of your eye, hide me in the shadow of your wings.”

Psalm 17:8

At nineteen, I moved out and felt the need to have a real experience with Jesus, especially to help me deal with fear and loneliness. I enjoyed reading about the ministry of angels and decided that making my guardian angel my best friend would help me develop my spirituality. At first, it was weird, but with time my angel’s image became real in my mind, and despite not seeing him physically, I felt his presence. I held out my hand for him to hold, talked to him walking down the street, (I know some people thought I was crazy) at home, at school… and many nights when loneliness hit, I felt as if I were wrapped in his warm embrace. I no longer felt alone, instead I felt happy, safe, and in situations of temptation it was easier to overcome, because I was aware of the presence of Jesus with me.

I moved to another city and continued to cultivate a friendship with my angel. The street on which I used to live had many trees, and at night it was very dark, despite the streetlights. Most of the neighbors were elderly and slept early, so when I got home, around midnight, it was silent and dark. I spent the day out, at work and at school, so I took a backpack and bags with all my personal belongings—computer, books, etc. I confess that at times I felt scared, but I talked to my angel and followed with firm steps, and not infrequently I felt him take me by the hand.

On a moonless night, the street in total silence and dense darkness, I walked home near the curb when a very bright light came on a few meters ahead of me. Suddenly, it hurled at a high speed towards me. I didn’t have time to think, react, or understand what was happening, before I felt invisible, as if I wasn’t there anymore. The motorcycle sped by so fast and so close to me that I felt the wind on my face. With the same speed as it appeared, it disappeared into the darkness.

I walked into the house quickly, shivering, sat on the couch, closed my eyes, and tried to understand. I was sure of only two things: first, that, no matter who it was or what they wanted, it had been an attempt by Satan to hit me, to destroy me. And the second certainty was that my guardian Angel, my Friend, had defended me and hidden me under the wings of the Almighty.

We have a hard time seeing spiritual things, because our sinful mind is used to the immediacy of our world. But: “Could our eyes be opened, we should see forms of evil angels around us, trying to invent some new way to annoy and destroy us. And we should also see angels of God guarding us from their power;” (Exalt Him, p. 404).

I invite you to live this experience. Make your angel your best friend, make it real: reach out, talk, feel their embrace and protection. Ask God to open your spiritual eyes so that you can, even on this earth, walk in the company of heavenly beings and very soon walk and contemplate face to face, our beloved Savior.

Remember, Jesus yearns for a direct relationship with you. Make Him your best friend, your advisor, business-partner, brother. Your guardian angel is a facet of a God who loves you more than you can imagine. Give up loneliness, fear, and replace it with true Love and Strength!

2 thoughts on “The Invisible Woman – A personal testimony”

  1. Maria Karoline Silva loura

    Essa história inspiradora , esses dias terminei a leitura do livro verdade sobre os anjos , tenho agora uma visão mais clara a respeito desse assunto , os anjos realmente são os nossos melhores amigos ?

    1. Esse livro também mudou a minha visão sobre o mundo espiritual. Faça a experiência com seu anjo, será transformadora!

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