The Modern Woman of Proverbs: The student

Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

Proverbs 31:10

An introduction

The woman of Proverbs 31 has a list of virtues so long, that we can just sum her up as perfect! Have you ever thought about how hard it is to be such a virtuous woman in today’s world? If so, we’re on the same page!

But analyzing this chapter, I realized that these passages are a testament to a woman’s potential! The verses in Proverbs 31 (from verse 10 onwards) give us a list of possibilities and a guide to follow for every sphere of our lives. I want to single out one sphere for us to talk about in greater depth: the job market.

The importance of education

Let’s start at the beginning with education. Yes, education is important for the Woman of Proverbs living in the 21st century. A while ago, a college degree wasn’t considered essential. Maybe our own parents and grandparents never pursued a degree before joining a company or founding their own businesses.

But today, a post-secondary degree is a “minimal requirement” for anyone looking to enter the job market. Many positions require at least one degree, hence the importance of obtaining an education, especially (but not only) in our youth. College requires a lot of dedication, which is why most people take advantage of the freedom of youth to study. But remember, “The best time to start something was yesterday, and the next best time is today.”

If you’re reading this and thinking, “This article isn’t for me; it’s too late for me to pursue a degree”, let me sincerely tell you that that’s just not true! I know it’s daunting to think that a degree takes an average of four years to complete, but here’s the thing: those four years will go by whether you pursue a degree or don’t. Do you want to have a degree-in-hand by then or get there regretting you didn’t start four years before?

Remember the Woman of Proverbs? The overarching theme in all her actions is her fear of the Lord. She knows His will and purpose for her life. What’s God’s purpose for you? To use the talents He has given you. What’s His will? That you be a light for Him. God needs voices in every corner of the world, and representatives in every career that allows for Christian living. Education involves much more than our secular life. It’s also an instrument God uses to spread His message. Education opens doors. It gives God’s people access to places that would never welcome them were it not for their diplomas and certifications.

Where to begin

Education can take many forms; maybe you are interested in fashion, mechanics, engineering, cooking, medicine, or teaching. Whatever your educational interest may be, set goals and make a plan.

Today, especially in our post-pandemic reality, we have several options and methods of study. Universities are creating more flexible programs, even accepting international online students and offering in-person, online, and hybrid courses. There are private, public, and community colleges, plus many other options in online certifications! I’m sure that, if you decide to take this step with God’s guidance, He will open the best door for you to continue your education journey.

Before you take the next step in your career, invite God into the decision. Pray, surrender to Him. Ask, “Lord, where do You want me to go? Where do You want me to witness? What career can I use to better serve You?” Trust Him. God is also interested in helping you make this decision.

The time to start is now!

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  1. Ellen Machado Feijó

    Muito obrigada por esse texto, eu minhas manas estamos fazendo faculdade, e uma trabalha com meu pai em uma loja de produtos naturais, eu ajudo na loja também.

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