My Angel Friend – A personal testimony

My name is Viviane, and I live in São Paulo, the capital city of the state of São Paulo, Brazil. São Paulo is one of the most populous cities in the world, and like in any center of bustling activity, it’s wise to be on your toes. Those of us who live here adjust to our environment and go about our business, living our lives without obsessing about potential dangers that surround us.

When I was seventeen, I worked as a private tutor. I would go to my student’s house every afternoon, always taking the same streets. At the time, I was also dating a young man, who is now my husband. Whenever he could, he would drive me to my student’s house during his lunch break. One day, he was late for work but offered to drop me off halfway to my student’s house. I accepted. When we arrived at the designated spot, we said goodbye, and I continued on foot.

As I walked, I noticed a black car following me. I glanced to the side and started walking faster. Suddenly, the car stopped, the four doors opened, the men got out. I was alone on the street, and I couldn’t scream. There was nowhere to run! I felt someone graze my arm, and suddenly, the men got back in their car, closed the doors, and drove away.

I stood there, shaking, unable to comprehend what had happened.

I looked up the street, and my boyfriend was driving towards me. I couldn’t understand why he was there, as he was supposed to be driving to work. When I asked him why he had driven back, he told me he didn’t know why. But I knew. God had sent angels to tell him to drive back to rescue me. I have no doubts regarding whom those men were—rapists who kidnapped girls and abused them.

God has been wonderful in my life. I am very grateful for His protection, and also for giving me a husband who was sensitive to the angel’s prompting.

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