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We get sick when our body isn’t properly preserved. In other words, a state of unbalance is introduced and our body “malfunctions”. This situation is usually generated by bad habits that the body tries to adapt to but, in the end, it can’t. A practical example is smoking. The body’s attempts to adapt to the effects of the cigarette generate changes in breathing, in the coloring of the lips and teeth, and even in the sound of the voice.

When it comes to improving a woman’s physical health, health professionals will generally assess her habits first. Her habits regarding hygiene, diet, rest, and fresh air have direct influences on her physiological balance and well-being. Many discomforts and diseases could be prevented, cured, or minimized were there no habits to interfere with the body’s normal functioning.

There are many things we know we could do to improve our health but have maybe forgotten because they’re “too simple” and couldn’t possibly be the cure, could they? There are many discomforts we’ve learned to live with that could be removed if only we practiced simple remedies. What are they? Let’s see:

Nutrition – For our organs to function they need fuel, energy, and that comes from what we eat. Take a minute to analyze what you’ve been feeding your body, what type of fuel you have been supplying to your neurons, your heart cells, and even your reproductive organs. In Genesis 1:29 we read about the diet given in Eden, which was composed of herbs, seeds, and fruits. In Acts, God reveals to us that His desire is to restore this simple diet. In fact, He wants to restore everything which was good in the beginning. Acts 3:21 says that “God will restore ALL things, as he spoke long ago, through his holy prophets”. It is time to rewrite our grocery list, to replace what is in our fridge and pantries. Your body deserves and needs the proper fuel to maintain a healthy system. Make proper nutrition a new habit.

Exercise – Get moving! To revitalize the body we need to pump oxygen into every cell from our head to our toes. Whether it involves a gym session, a personal trainer, a home workout, a walk around the block, or a stretching session, the important thing is to elevate your heart rate every day.

Water – I’m sure you’ve heard that our body is 70% water, but is yours having to adapt to much less water than that? Drink water, even if you are not thirsty, even if you don’t like it. Water is present in every part of your body, and it is responsible for creating harmony among every bodily function. Don’t let your body think you are in the desert. Let it protect you. Hydration is life. Carry water with you wherever you go. Replace the juice in your fridge with water. Unsweetened, unflavored, pure.

Sunlight – The sun is our body’s source of Vitamin D, or rather, the D hormone as it is now considered. This hormone has the role of enveloping our cells to protect them from cancer, while at the same time improving liver function. In other words, we need it. Reserve 5 to 15 minutes to enjoy the precious sun. Place a chair on your patio or balcony and take your work outside, read a book, or eat your meal in the sun.

Temperance – Our cells, our entire body, depends on what we use to fuel it and how much fuel we ingest. If we don’t meet its basic requirements, it becomes unable to generate enough energy to function. On the other hand, if we feed it excessive proportions, the body becomes overwhelmed and too weak to perform its role properly. This is where balance comes in, temperance, moderation, and sometimes downright avoidance. Abstain from whatever generates addiction: alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, drugs and spices, such things are able to change the pH levels of your blood and weaken your blood vessels, thus decreasing the distribution of nutrients to the organs and weakening your body as a whole. In those cases, any amount is too much.

Balance in everything is necessary for a healthy body. Avoid overwhelming your body. Be temperate in all you do from what (and how much) you ingest, to the volume you listen to your music, the amount you sleep, the hours you work, and so on. Let’s promote harmony within our bodies, which will bring about cell renewal and health.

(Fresh) Air – Set aside time every day to spend time in nature, to take a deep breath, to smell the wet earth. This will improve the flow of oxygen in your body, leading to higher levels of focus and concentration. Your organs will work with renewed vigor, and all of the fresh air and oxygen sends fatigue away and increases energy. Taking a moment to focus on you, on your breathing, is an act that repels stress. Try it. Take your pet for a walk, open a window and take deep breaths, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Rest – Our body needs quality rest to promote cell renewal. When our cells aren’t renewed, they can produce toxins against their own body leading to illnesses. A good night’s sleep alleviates stress, foul moods, and prevents indisposition.

Trust in divine power – The One who created each of your organs, who gave you the breath of life, who makes your heart beat and your brain think, He who made you wants you to live in abundance, to care for your body, and to see you healthy and happy. Trust in Him and these remedies He has made available to you. After all, your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Be thankful for every day and the opportunity it brings for a NEW START.

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