Split Pea Soup – #thegirleats

This soup has been a family favorite and staple for decades. It’s a recipe I have been meaning to share for a long time because it has been appreciated by so many throughout the years.

So here it is:

[recipe title=”Split Pea Soup” servings=”6-8″ time=”40min.” difficulty=”easy”][recipe-notes] Credit: Momma [/recipe-notes] [recipe-ingredients] – 1/2 large white onion – 2 cloves garlic – 2L water – 2 Tbsp. salt (to taste) – 1 Tbsp. olive oil – 1 1/2 cup green split pea – 1 small carrot – 2 small yellow potatoes (new and fresh makes a difference) – 1 sprig fresh oregano (or omit) – 1 tsp. cumin [/recipe-ingredients] [recipe-directions] 1. Cook the finely chopped onion in the olive oil until translucent. Add minced garlic. >>In pressure cooker 2. Add the peas, veggies, and seasoning. 3. Add water and close lid. Cook in pressure cooker for about 30 min. 4. Remove lid and check if everything is cooked/adjust seasonings. 5. Serve with crackers, fresh bread, cayenne pepper and/or a drizzle of olive oil. >>In soup pot 2. Add the peas and seasonings. 3. Add water and cook the peas at a rolling boil for about 40 minutes. Cover with lid off-center. 4. Once peas are soft, remove from heat and blend with a hand blender until smooth. 5. Add medium chopped carrots and potatoes. Cover with lid off-center and cook until veggies are tender. Add 1/2 cup water if needed. Stir often so peas do not stick to bottom. 6. Adjust seasoning if needed. 7. Serve with crackers, fresh bread, cayenne pepper and/or a drizzle of olive oil. [/recipe-directions][/recipe]

See? It’s so simple that we’ve taken it to potlucks and people have taken the taste of the soup and feeling it evokes home and made their own interpretations of it. Make it once as written, then make it again giving yourself more liberty, and soon it will be your own version, your staple, your comfort.

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